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Changelog 2.171 Discussion


FYI: Due to a small internal delay, the announcement for the changelog was posted a bit late. The changes within it have already been applied to the game.

We appreciate your understanding!
it seems neckband upgrade done sure ?
as last your posts in another topic , next will be belts ?

Al35ul CM

The West Team
I meant the gunsmith ones, since we are getting the tailor and the general store items upgrated. Maybe after the belts and shoes?
Yes, the weapons will be changed too but they will be the last items to be improved.

Question @Al35ul CM ? these are but the new necklace? Thought the values not Verbester! I was told so
All of the new necklaces (if not most) have been improved and have better bonuses (evidently) than before. Not sure if that answers your question :).