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Changelog 2.159 Discussion

Al35ul CM

The West Team
150 level is a bit to much i agree , if 120 is the minimum level to be worn then it should not be 150, but you really cant go wrong with a 20% product drop chance single item man.. @Al35ul CM maybe consider making it a repeatable quest and make it that we can upgrade the item?
Will mention it :).


Private First Class
Legendary golden sabre questline
Based on feedback we have removed the "[ID: 2953] Resolve: Legendary golden colt" condition, so melee duelists can get the sabre regardless the colt.

unfortunately this is a lie, you still need the golden colt . i spent 1 k energy on .de and then wrote to support, answer : you have to wait for another update ... what a shame for innogames


I think something like "Secrets of The West" sounds good ( https://wiki.the-west.net/wiki/Secrets_of_The_West ). In these quests players have to think and figure out things, and not just do all the things in the quest's "Requires" part without reading the story... These quests have a lot of very clever hints in the descriptions, you can re-read these quests' Start and Finish texts and get some inspiration.

For example, the https://beta.the-west.net/?page=bday_code# page could be useful for other quests too, not only for the secret of the west quest :)

PS: This questline didn't have any description when it's announced with the update. In the first few days/weeks the players had to figure out every requirements without any help from the west team.