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Changelog Changelog 2.149

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Al35ul CM

The West Team

We are currently planning on updating the game to the version 2.149 on Monday, May 3rd. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change

Easter Event sets

Our Easter event sets: Michael O'Rourke, Bill Brocius and Johnny Behan have become auctionable and upgradeable.

Crafting mini-event 2021

We have prepared a new crafting mini-event for you. More information will come soon in a separate announcement.

Old head item improvements

Continuing our old item improvements, we have rebalanced some other older head items.
IconNameNew bonus
Yang's Hat+0.01 charisma (per level)
+0.19 Fine Motor Skills (per level)
+0.19 appearance (per level)
Bunny ears+0.01 Mobility (per level)
+0.19 Animal Instict (per level)
Cupid's locks+0.51 Appearance (per level)
Freeman's hat+0.51 Vigor (per level)
+0.45 Reflex (per level)
+0.45 Appearance (per level)
+0.38 Toughness (per level)
Doc's hat+0.51 Shooting (per level)
+0.45 Aiming (per level)
+0.45 Tactics (per level)
+0.38 Dodging (per level)
Cartwright's hat+0.51 Hiding (per level)
+0.51 Trading (per level)
+0.48 Construction (per level)
+0.48 Appearance (per level)
Party hat+0.38 Hiding (per level)
Grey headband+0.1 Trading (per level)
Geronimo's headband+0.51 Health (per level)
+0.51 Leadership (per level)
+0.51 Tactics (per level)
Christopher's parade hat+0.45 Construction (per level)
+0.45 Reflex (per level)
+0.51 Shooting (per level)
Will Munny's Hat+0.51 Leadership (per level)
+0.38 Hiding (per level)
+0.45 Setting Traps (per level)
+0.45 Aiming (per level)
Jeremiah Johnson's hat+0.51 Leadership (per level)
+0.38 Hiding (per level)
+0.45 Setting Traps (per level)
+0.45 Dodging (per level)
Elfego Baca's hat+0.38 Vigor (per level)
+0.48 Hiding (per level)
+0.51 Swimming (per level)
+0.43 Shooting (per level)
Starter headband+0.28 Dodging (per level)
Hat of Independence+0.01 Strength (per level)
+0.01 Mobility (per level)
+0.38 Stamina (per level)
+0.38 Toughness (per level)
+0.51 Horseback Riding (per level)
Frank Eaton's Hat+0.51 Aiming (per level)
+0.38 Tactics (per level)
+0.45 Appearance (per level)
+0.45 Dodging (per level)
George McJunkin's Hat+0.51 Dodging (per level)
+0.38 Hiding (per level)
+0.45 Setting Traps (per level)
+0.45 Health Points (per level)
King Fisher's Hat+0.38 Construction (per level)
+0.48 Repairing (per level)
+0.51 Shooting (per level)
+0.43 Leadership (per level)
Traditional Bavarian Hat+0.01 Dexterity (per level)
+0.01 Charisma (per level)
+0.38 Hiding (per level)
+0.38 Setting Traps (per level)
+0.51 Toughness (per level)
Halloween hat+0.01 Dexterity (per level)
+0.59 Dodging (per level)
+0.59 Toughness (per level)
+0.59 Repairing (per level)
Witch hat+0.01 Charisma (per level)
+0.45 Appearance (per level)
+0.45 Animal Instinct (per level)
+0.45 Trading (per level)
Fancy headband+0.01 Strength (per level)
+0.01 Mobility (per level)
+0.1 Stamina (per level)
Nana's headband+0.01 Mobility (per level)
+0.28 Construction (per level)
+0.1 Health Points (per level)
+0.28 Hiding (per level)
Yellow cap+0.28 Toughness (per level)
+0.28 Animal Instinct (per level)
Blue cap+0.28 Toughness (per level)
+0.28 Shooting (per level)
Green cap+0.28 Toughness (per level)
+0.28 Hiding (per level)

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Your The West Team
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