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Changelog 2.141 Discussion


Private First Class
While you guys are fixing the travelling fair, could you

- randomize the opening times to make it fairer for everyone (pun not intended)
- increase the requirements for building it, including more products/overflow and construction. On older worlds it gets done in a heartbeat. The main attraction of the fair is not the rewards, but building of it alone. Maybe you could make it so that there are no limits and it can be built for full 24h and the more effort people of a world keep in a fair, the much better the rewards will be. This will reward more active worlds
- Last but not least make the tarot and fair games cards much easier to drop.


Staff Sergeant
Finally Santa (Matoaka?!) set is auctionable.. That took forever.. We still have to wait 1 more week as non-Beta

Hmm.. Wonder what those 8 Angus quests are.. Probably they will be on different days so we could use a "Spoiler" or "Advertisement" :p
@Al35ul CM This is somewhat off-topic but I was wondering if there were ever discussions of making all clothing gear/sets salable to the trader. Example: Christopher's set. I recall there was a list of sets presented that would become available to sell. At the same time, it would be nice if all clothing and set items could be sold regardless.

Thank you.


Staff Sergeant
2 days delay and still buggy mess.

I get the no-QA staff and very limited Dev time but can't even properly add a quest, make a Set item auctionable.. or change a Set's name?!

I mean these are the most basic and usual things of this game.. and happen every few weeks..