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Changelog 2.139 Discussion


Staff Sergeant
So generic Sets' updates are done and we are on to updating obsolete chests now?

I'm not against that (although I'd remove Low Level items) and they can actually be given via Fort Battles etc now but.. should they be the priority of a so small Dev team?
I mean.. 2 weeks to update one chest :p

Btw i wonder what happened to "new" Automation feature that was gonna provide "mass-Craft"
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Staff Sergeant
Yea I know, but I doubt anyone is doing something else for the last few years.
Unless something "urgent" comes up, like IFBC 3 fiasco.

They say nothing of their "major" update either. Since July?
Well thats maybe they got nothing to say. Or because they are keep scrapping things midway, like they always do.


" Captains can limit the fort battle chat to be available only for Generals by /rights General command. If there is no General available, no one will be able to disable this restriction and use the chat. "

So Captains can't use this command anymore? Or how is this fixed now, as the update only mentions that it exists.


Staff Sergeant
Former Team Member
Yeah I think they wrote what was wrong, not what they have changed. Idk if this means captains can no longer use the /rights command at all or the /rights general command, though. Hard to imagine someone abusing this when it announces your name in the chat, but fair enough :lol:


Staff Sergeant
I sometimes wonder if they are intentionally being vague, like everything in this game, including Rules.

I don't think one person wrote all the game text for 10 years, so..
Hard to imagine someone abusing this
I didn't even hear or see this to begin with..
They mention it cause they are out of things to write.


please make both new the west fan items auctionable...otherwise this new set will be trash cause no one could ever get all items if we arent able to buy them from others ....