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change of class and profession is possible?

Jack Beauregard

After years of play it could be an idea to evaluate that of a change of class and, perhaps, even of profession (or integrate with an additional profession) without losing what has been done during your stay in the game, after years: search new incentives, engage in other ways instead of deleting and starting over again.
It could be a potion (or special cards or bonuses or special items to be found without going crazy) to choose from various possibilities that allow you to adapt to your game features a pg that you want to renew, even for short periods.
All this with an eye for all those who do not want to spend (or can not)


my message a month ago at the InnoGames:
To The West Team (change the character's class)
The Italian forum has long developed the request to be able to change the character's class. I also had the opportunity to make the same request and you replied that you could take it into consideration in the future. I wonder if you have considered the question or not.
thank you and greet you champ45
The West - Customer Support 2019-01-15 10:30:34
Hello champ45,

The answer is still the same, we don't have plans to allow it, but maybe at some point in the future.

Community Manager

so, for the moment, they do not even think about studying the opportunity for the character's change of class.
this sorry champ45


good the great idea of the developers and to make outfits that explode in tactics with the bonus of the premium soldiers and the points of life in + it's rubbish there,
and premium dudu who can attack from one point to another on the map without moving,
who will have to move a little to remove or modify this tactical bonus

or then authorized this damn change of personal class Personally I plan to stop the game after more than 8 years of games
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