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There was a brief talk after the introduction of Freeman's, Doc's and Cartwright's sets that camel has become pretty much worthless since all 3 horses for the above mentioned sets have the same speed % as a camel.

A camel can only be obtained by long and hard work and when one eventually gets it, one has a feeling of a great achievement. Now this feeling has been greatly reduced when one can buy an animal with the same speed % at the market.
There is no incentive any longer to go for the camel other then it looking pretty in your inventory.

When the topic of a camel was raised after the introduction of the 3 abovementioned sets, there were suggestions of increasing the speed of a camel to at least 225% in order for the players to still be prepared to spend their time and energy to get that once very special animal.

Is there anything in the pipeline to verify this situation or has the topic of a degraded camel been totally forgotten?


The West Team
Dev Team
The camel had the speed of the quarter horse before, it was actually increased already since the horses from the new set introduced a new top speed of +200%. It's unique for the skill and attribute bonuses, not the speed, never was and never will be.


Staff Sergeant
The camel biggest point is that it gives you 8 attributes.... not for speed.

The sets doesn´t get you so much points like the camel does.