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bugreport system

Discussion in 'Version 2.0' started by Sedona, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Sedona

    Sedona Guest

    hello everyone......

    I'm curious to know what do you think about the bugreport system....?

    Are you satisfied the way it works? Do you get answers to your questions? Or do you alway gte a rejected response?
    Do you feel its rrobot treating your bugreports?

    Please share with me your bugreports experience......
  2. tribgrep

    tribgrep Corporal

    Sep 1, 2011
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    Main Server:
    Dear everyone,

    I can assure you there is no bot answering your tickets.
    Innogames takes your tickets very seriously and will not make a mockery of your issue. Due to the amount of tickets (and especially the beta), there are some standard answers, which support has to type over and over again.
    I am very pleased with the answers and quick response.
    Please keep in mind that this should not become a flame-topic.
    Keep it nice and tidy^^
  3. abskay

    abskay Guest

    for my humble opinion i will say am partially satisfied with the bug report system. Am sure they work hard but sometime when you tell there is a bug they always its a feature of the game which is not maybe its to prevent people form abusing the bug report system to get 5 nuggets for each correct bug reported
  4. idiomatiks

    idiomatiks Guest

    you are not abusing it if you report bugs;
    i got 3 bugs approved and the rest rejected as they were already reported.

    and this could be a problem, while we don't know which bugs are already reported or worked on.
    so it causes multiplication of reports (there must be a few hundred reports on silver/gold jobs not working correctly, for example)

    i noticed their response slowed a lot after Alamogordo was updated.
    they responded to the bugs reported on 23.8, but from 27.8 are still opened.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 3, 2012
  5. Sedona

    Sedona Guest

    The reason i ask, is to see if everybody is satisfied....For myself, i like better the support system on .fr server.

    Yesterday i wrote a bugreport, in which i ask politely, not to answer me with a rejected response please... cause i sent some reports before with screenshots to show exactly what is going on and with questions, and my questions not being answered....I tell them i dont care to know if i m the first to report a certain bug, i dont report bugs for free nuggets. Her how they answered me....

    Howdy, sadly your bugreport was rejected with the following reason:
    Sorry Sedona, But as long as you don'T send nice and objective reports we dont want to take care of what you send.Thank you! Have a nice day!

    now i am mad, cause they say want nice and objective bugrports,. WHat is objective bugreports exactly? And i was being nice in my bugreports... I regret not having taken my report in screenshot , just to have a proof of it......Sure that everytime i will send a bugreport i will make myself a copy...... I'm starting to feel lik not being nice right now so I will cut this short.......

    Good day to all....
  6. You asked "politely"..i just laugh..you accused us of having a robotic behavior and robots would have taken over the west.
    it's a bugreport tool and not the support. The bugreport tool isn't made for answeres that are pages and pages long.
    this tool is made for efficiency and a quick work flow. so it is completely normal to use pre-defined modules for our answers. otherwise we never ever would finish the amount of incoming bugreports, where almost 2/3 have to been rechecked by one of 3 persons manually.
  7. Sedona

    Sedona Guest

    euh darkguardian666,

    telling you robots behavior is not impolite, i didnt swear, it s just opinion, the way i feel...and when i m impolite, it s worst than that.....ok it s bugreport system , not support you say? ok with what you say, but tell me , where is support on beta? Over a year ago, when i started on beta, we had support, if i remember well.......why take it off? so what are we suppose to do? always come on forum, you'll say?.....

    hope you re still laughing ;)
  8. the support still is just, just use it? but can you imagine that the support doesn't have a staff of so much people because it's not needed? also the support is still not a full-time job for none of us, we all do it in our freetime.
    we just have 2 hands and 24 hours a day and we must split these 24 hours into sleep, family, work/studies and so on and so on. the support-time is just a small fragment of this 24 hours.
  9. Joony

    Joony Former LCM Former Team Member

    Apr 20, 2009
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    Main Server:

    I can assure you that we read all of your bug reports and that they helping us a lot! It's great to see that so many of you are writing bug reports and supporting us. We think that our Beta community is the best Quality Assurance that we can get.

    I just cam up with an idea that I suggested one of our devs which would maybe help all of us:

    "Players complain that all of their reports get rejected as Duplicates and they don't know which bugs were reported already and which not. Furthermore it's a lot of work for us to reject all of those duplicates.

    So here comes my suggestion:
    Each bug that get the status "confirmed" should go in a list that the players can see with the same title. As soon as an Admin changes the title from "Confirmed" to "Resolved" it should get out of the list again.
    Furthermore there should be an option to change titles and delte/add entries manually for Admins."
  10. Zeta

    Zeta Guest

    small complaint:P i got a few i get confirmed and i get the 5 nugs, now i got 1 and it says resolved but i don't get nugs!
  11. abskay

    abskay Guest

    problem is i sent a bug and they said it was a feature but then later had to speak to someone in game they considered it as a bug . this bug i sent was reported three times and i still got same reply not until someone in game checked it and confirmed it properly before it was considered a bug otherwise i would have been left high and dry and my character would have still been the same with no quest or screens showing properly. To me bug report is good but it still needs some improvement. As suggested we should have a list of reported categories of bug so as not to duplicate so many bugs this saves time and helps the people working in the bug report system.:up:
  12. idiomatiks

    idiomatiks Guest

    good, now they know another word - resolved

    it used to be only confirmed and rejected

    i got today closed bugreports that were markes resolved (i suspect it means it was a bug, but someone else got the credit "reported before me").

    that word also implies, that you should test it again
  13. olga

    olga Master Sergeant

    Aug 28, 2012
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    Main Server:
    You are not mad - I know it is probably a machine - that generates the answer - but I still get annoyed by the answer - I also find the tone offensive. - So please try to be more polite.
    I don't write to get the free nuggets - but for 2 reasons - I think more than twice now before I send a bug report.
    1 - I cant see what I reported - and really I am to lazy to keep a record of it.
    2 - too many get s back rejected - with that rude answer. - I don't mind if somebody reported them before - just don't need - a bucket of cold water in my head.:D
  14. .Surge.

    .Surge. Guest

    I don't know how you guys are reporting those bugs, but I already reported at least 30, half of them were rejected but always with phrase:
    Sorry, someone already reported this bug before you, have a nice day :) (or something like that)

    So I personally thinks that they are trying to be as polite as they can and you should think about your way of writing the descriptions of those bugs :P
  15. olga

    olga Master Sergeant

    Aug 28, 2012
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    Main Server:
    You have no idea what I wrote - so please stop lecturing me -
    Bug report rejected - and the reason - is really enough answer - otherwise it can be misunderstood as sarcastic - and it looks at it is not only me who gets that impression.
  16. Sedona

    Sedona Guest

    that idea i like...it would help a lot. :up: