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New Issue Bug Traveling Fair - changelod 2.188 wronlgy implemented



I'm pretty sure other player saw it but I can't find a report here ( I may have missed it) .
Traveling Fair start time
The "Traveling Fair" always starts at the same time. Isn't that annoying? In the morning, the fair was usually full.
We have a solution for your problem!
From now, the traveling fair will start at random full hour between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. (server time).
More traveling fair improvements will be introduced soon!

Issue : not properly deployed. The random part is only available on the moment the traveling fair , fully built , will be opened. NOT regarding the appearance of the traveling fair, to start to put item for building it. The Starting hour to build is still fixed during the night...

As it is wrongly implemented, it is currently totally useless.

Please review.


Private First Class
this is pending several weeks now.
just now another traveling fair at alamogordo which had goods delivered yesterday by 9 am latest and was fully built maybe 1 hour later.
so erverything completed by the early birds, no chance to participate at all.

on the other side it did not open till now.
why are these guys doing things always worse????


Master Sergeant
First part was programmed correctly! Unfortunately, the second part, still has an error.

( Dec 19, 2022 by CM jugolas
So actually, both the Bespielen and the expansion should start randomly. However, due to a bug, this is now only the case with the Bespielen. We're working on getting the upgrade to start at a random start time.
I think I had already written something about this in the corresponding feedback thread where the change was announced: Actually, it is planned that both the start of the expansion and the start time for the games at the circus will be set randomly. Due to an error, this was only implemented correctly for the start of the games. With one of the next updates, the other half should follow suit.)


As it is the only needed part that is not implemented (the other random part is totally useless; prove me I'm wrong :) ) , it would be great to have a more precise date for the correction rather than a simple " with one of the next updates " ...