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Bread still destroy my "Glass of water"


From Changelog:
"Glass of water doesn't disappear from your equipped items after finding a loaf of bread for quest 815 "Charlie (Supplies)""

But right now, I got a bread and lost the Glass of water.


yeah... guess the changelog refers to the bug that the glass didn't disappear visually from your equipment slot, so if you had the eqipment window open, you got the illusion that you still have the glass... can't check that out right now, since I'm nowhere near that quest on any beta.

(so the solution to this bug would be a vanished glass, not a change in quest requirements)


I have tried many times the job, but didn't get any bread till now. Tried with different durations from the previous times of job and the actual, no success


Finally i'm droping some since my previous post. I don't know what happened before, but now it's OK