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Achievement ranking

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
Hello to everyone ,

It's been a long time since we asked for an Achievement rank but InnoGames takes too long , that's why a friend of mine has come up with a script that allows you to see all players achievement points by just 1 click.

Too good to be true , I know right? Well , here some easy explanation on how the script works.

You download it as a normal script , when you download it refresh your game page , you will have an icon on the right side of your screen looking like this ( Script Icon ) when you open the script you will have this ( Script Window), at first you will have no players loaded so you will need to press Update Ranking , when you do , the script will start searching all players that are in the server you play , the more players the server has the longer it will take to load all players but the speed of search depends on your internet connection as well. There's also Update Partly which means you can choose how many players you want to search ,for example if you choose 10 players then it will search for 10 players with the most experience points and sort them by the most achievement points.

This is the perfect script for speed worlds as well , you will not have to search every single player and write down everyone with the most points , with this its just a click away :up:

The script is free , nothing sketchy about it , just a normal script. For now it is a window on it's own but with further updates the achievement window will be implemented in the official ranking page so stay tuned.

You can download the script via this link: Achievement Ranking Script

Author: N3MESIS
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