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Abuse of Power

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Hi! How can I report my own local server?

They've been giving Gringo Weapons and Old Avatars like they were candy, to people that's new on support.

They are laughing on those who worked and wasted hours and nuggets on the speed world to get them.

Where can I report that behavior?


The West Team
As it was previously said by predecessor:
Thank you for sharing your concern!

Please keep in mind team members can't take part in events, giveaways or anything of the sorts where they can have a chance to win such as prize, like others. I hope everyone appreciates the hard work invested into this game, not only by the Beta team, but by all moderators from all servers. For future concerns, as explained multiple times, please ensure that issues related to specific servers are posted on the respective forums. To the best of my knowledge, the explanation for this has already been provided on your local server.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via support ticket.

Also, on Beta we don't have Gringo items, neither staff members or players so I can't speak on someone else's behalf.
Not open for further replies.