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I was just wondering, there are a lot of new players who want to complete as many achievements(quests+events) as possible, but they can't...the reason for that is that many achievements(quests+events) took place some years ago and they are not available anymore.

So it is impossible for every new player to get these achievements(quests+events).

Isn' t it a bit unfair ?

Maybe you can make that possible, by letting players buying only the achievements of previous quests+events that won't take place in the future again (they are not repeatable, for example the quest Western Friday or Pumpkin hunt etc) using nuggets.

For example, achievement's price of
2012: 50 nuggets for each
2013: 100 nuggets for each
2018: 350 nuggets for each
2019: 400 nuggets for each (most recent) (2020 will be available in 2021)

I think it would be profitable both for players and for Innogames, since you have nothing to lose but only to win

What's your opinion about it ?
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I think the vast majority of content (such as quests) in the game should be designed or re-designed in a way that it's available to all players whenever they start playing the game, however the uniqueness of some items, anniversary events, achievements or titles are what make them valuable to their owners, and should stay as such. Create new unique content instead to enrich the game for all.

Isn' t it a bit unfair ?
Not as unfair as allowing nugget munchers to buy pixels that are pay-walled to the rest of the playerbase, if they don't get a way to do these past activities too.


Today the distinction by classes is a useless thing and definitely harmful for adventurers. With the proliferation of sets that can improve any type of game orientation in addition to the many upgrades available (eg product drops, aiming, dodging, damage, etc.) the characteristics of adventurers are no longer good for nothing. In addition, adventurers are extremely penalized for the amount of life points, if one wants to skill himself for duels, if he enhances the life points he cannot enhance other elements useful for the duels themselves, not to mention the skill for battles is penalizing in all senses. In short, life is hard for those who initially chose the adventurer class because the evolution of the game has made the class itself meaningless. Any player who last year, therefore a neophyte, who for example chose the soldier class (with the benefits it receives in terms of life points) can juggle in duels, battles and in the search for products without any problem of being passed out.
It is time for the InnoGames to seriously resolve the issue by liberalizing class change also because today the choice of one class or the other is more aware than 10 years ago, when without the myriad of current sets, class differences made sense. now they don't have it anymore.
This is my thought and I hope it meets the favor of the unfortunate who have chosen to be adventurers and, above all, of the InnoGames to undertake a revision of the classes no longer useful as in the past.


I mean, to be honest most of those achievements should just be removed, but alas for legal and technical reasons they cannot be.
Maybe instead of creating a new achievement as world prize during valentines and DoD, we can have old achievements instead?
would be very helpful in getting older players to return.


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I wouldn't say the achievements should be removed or be purchasable, the best option in my opinion would be to move them to the heroic deeds to serve as a record of past activity and achievement.


in my opinion, the best solution is to make these quests repeatable again and the rest of achievements from events make them heroic deeds as Leones mentioned