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5th Birthday Event Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Version 2.04' started by Diggo11, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. When someone gives me a free present I don't whine about it or compare it to what someone else got I say thanks and appreciate a freebie.

    A lot of people started over the years and stopped and then restarted or joined other worlds later etc.

    I dont care if someone started 5 years ago had a years break and restarted again. So many delete or go inactive and lose their toon then come back, its good for activity and returns. After all these players could have been playing for years themselves and due to rl had to take a break and come back. They deserve bonds no less than one online every day imo

    I don't begrudge them one bond and trying to find a reason to complain about any freebie or way of working it out who gets what and how is petty, selfish and ungrateful.

    happy birthday to InnoGames and free stuff for everyone playing past or present ... yup sounds like a real nice gesture to me, ill say thanks and leave it at that.
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  2. Hellstromm

    Hellstromm Guest

    Thank you Olga, for you input. I think we've heard enough on your point. It is a gift. Is there any other interesting feedback from the community? Preferably productive and maybe encouraging feedback? :)
  3. Das Dee

    Das Dee Guest

    I don't know ift it is interesting or productive but:

    Thank you for the quest and belated Happy Birthday "The West"
  4. veteranus

    veteranus Private

    Dec 11, 2011
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    this was a real EVENT that everyone can join even who doesn't spend nuggets.
  5. Susek

    Susek Guest

    It was good :) as befits a birthday event - a good level. I would continue this kind of events.
  6. the unknown general

    the unknown general Banned

    Apr 26, 2012
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    "No comment" is needed ;)

    Well, I'd say, its a good thing that non premium got something out of it :)

    So, thanks.
  7. Nelkstar

    Nelkstar Guest

    Personally I enjoyed the b-day event a lot (especially since we finally had one event where no one complained about the use of nuggets ;)).
    The free bonds was a fine idea, even though some people lost focus on the "free" part.

    The stats-thingy (in the announcement post) was a nice touch, but I think it could have been used in a funnier way than
    with just numbers, words and some pictures. Maybe in a quiz or mixed in to a questline or something like that.

    More 100% free events like this one, mixed in with the nuggety ones, and I guarantee you you'll have a happier community.
    Nice work!