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This update 2.04 should be listed as 4.04 or 404 ... game not found, it's not healthy to paint a crow 10 times a year when you see continually lose players, it's healthy to come with something new ... higher level of experience or more sets of quests. Something new something not painted. It's a personal opinion! :cool:


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Sorry, but I fail to see how this update is anything like a "paint job". Changing jobs back to selectable work times as they were before 2.0 has been up there with the most sought after changes in the game's history. There is a lot of room for improvement as it is, but that's what the Beta is for and it will be tweaked based on feedback. A lot of players were very public with their dissatisfaction with the job system as it was in 2.0, and many (if we can take their word for it) quit because of it. Changing things that people are unhappy about is the best way to retain players as far as I can see, so I really have no idea what you mean.
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Fascinating. For a guy who's allegedly been in Beta, as a beta tester, since 2011, you have "one" forum post, and this is what you bring to the table?

Once again, the goal of providing insights and thoughts in Beta (must I be tasked to emphasize that four letter word?) is to be in some way productive and helpful. Your post was not helpful, nor has your ingame activity as a beta tester, having produced just one bug report in a span of over 2 years.

Please allow me to remind you that this is the Beta server. Anything you present must be productive, constructive, informative, or at the very least entertaining.
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