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3 new Recipes for Crafting


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Working, maybe out of chests, not sure on that one. I just found the glass recipe on zz2 after weeks of seeking for it.


better adjust the recipes for a change
why does a saddler only needs his own craft and 7 items to craft the top craft?
and other crafts need another crafter and more than 30 products to craft the top craft?

looks like somebody is really making a joke out of the whole crafting?
15 seconds give you more chances for items to drop, I suggest that :)
Pfff... 1 day 1 hour, 1 day 15s, 1 day 10m at "Lead a trading office" and "Work as a travelling merchant". Nothing. Bought about 50 Guarana.
Still 3 days left for VIP-Bonus. Going to try again only with "Holiday set".


Former Team Member
There's a lot of items in the game, you never get what you need when you're looking for it. Try looking for something else :p


full trading skilled can find them at traveling merchant and at lead a trading office
those are the only jobs you can get 9500 findings, so that's the only place.
You forgot "work for Wells Fargo and explore the west" jobs, you don't have to be full trading to get all 4 jobs above 9.5k luck now..... Add animal instinct to get Wells Fargo.

Don Coreggon

Put on best gear for Leading a trade office to get the ability to get more expensive drop, start working and then put on gear with highest luck increase.