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  1. Answered New item in the Collector set?

    I am right now trying to get all the Collector items, and I noticed that it was a new item called Lucky Charm . I cant find anything about it on any forum or on tw-db. Is this a bug or is there a new item for the set? And how to get it?
  2. Answered Drama Queens

    Will the items in the shop (soap opera pants/belt/shoes) also disappear because the quest won't be available anymore? Or will the items stay?
  3. Answered remove items from inventory

    Hi guys, just simple question. How can I remove unsalable items from my inventory? e.g. why there's no pagination in inventory when you have tons of items? You can't list between them and it's kidna annoying :) Thanks for answers Great stuff so far :) very very good game :)
  4. Answered 2nd Hernandos Sword

    I just got a Piece of a Note Part 3 for the Independence Day Tombola I now have another Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 Can I use them to get a 2nd Hernando's Sword, or are you only allowed to get one?