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  1. asdf124

    Micro configuration on Nicolas set bonus

    I think having approximately 171 hp in Nicolas cloth set at level 142 is stupendous due to it being a work set. Removing approximately 150 hp isn't bad, replacing it would be ideal.
  2. [IDEA]-FF.CC Station.

    ·FFCC STATION· :) Many people thought what the FFCC station. This idea I propose that the station is a building that shorten the travel time between cities with FFCC station. This makes it possible to construct new building in the city, increase the score of the city and benefit its citizens...
  3. Collectors Coin

    Proposal i propose the addition of a collectors coin to the collector set Current Workaround none that i can see Details iv seen numerous players complain about how pointless collector cards and crafted items needed are. so in a nutshell i propose that when all collector cards are owned the...
  4. [idea] sell items to buddys

    Who hadnt had the problem: you want to sell an item to a friend, but it is quite hard to be online at the same time, and this is necessary, because else the item might be stolen. now that the buddylist is implemented you should give us the opportunity to sale to one single person. if you...
  5. [Idea]the weapons could be destroyed

    So... I've got an idea, i thought the weapons can be in that good form like first time when you bought it, so i thought and i decided to propose that weapons could be destroyed, when you bought a weapon, it is 0% broken, after 1 month(if you use it) or whatever the weapon will be 50% broken, or...
  6. [Idea] ClassicWorld

    I propose to open the classic world, simple, where a few things are gonna be just like before, a little bit like now. I thought for settings/version of the game and i choose to be like this(Below I'll write a few things that could be modified): fort off/ golden set off/ old sets/ NPC duel off/...
  7. [IDEA] reports in chat

    Hello - i have an idea. Look here, to know more - it is my idea on .ru forum (with a translation) http://forum.the-west.ru/showthread.php?t=17724 i think i`ll be very usefull. If we want it to be ralised, plz ragistrate and vote "За" i`m waiting for yours comments