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  1. DanyPistolarul.RO


    What can I do to be in The West Team Beta? :)
  2. Cant open inventory

    In Beta, Alamogordo, I havent been able to open my inventory for a few days. I use Google Chrome, tha last version, but my pals also use Chrome and they dont have any problem at all. I have got a message of please wait, and the pistols keep spinning and spinning... TW Pro+: v3.1.0.1 Authors...
  3. [Idea]the weapons could be destroyed

    So... I've got an idea, i thought the weapons can be in that good form like first time when you bought it, so i thought and i decided to propose that weapons could be destroyed, when you bought a weapon, it is 0% broken, after 1 month(if you use it) or whatever the weapon will be 50% broken, or...