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  1. What is the Energy Replinishment Rates in 2.0?

    I've been waiting for just over 45 minutes and there hasn't been any increase in the energy. Is the replinishment rates in 2.0 decreased or would this be a bug?
  2. Update to 2.0

    Dear beta testers, here's the first draft of the changelog for The West 2.0. Please keep in mind, that not all features listed here are available yet, and certain features might be changed/removed in the final version of the game. If everything goes fine the update will happen on...
  3. Update to 2.0 is getting closer!

    Dear Players! As the update to 2.0 is getting closer we'd like to remind you of a few important things: As you might know, the new map in version 2.0 will look a lot different than the map looks now. There aren't only optical changes but the whole background structure will change. The...