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  1. Update 2.129 discussion

    Is there a chance for you to add patchnotes to non full versions like for example: in v2.128.1 v2.128.2 v2.128.3 too?
  2. Independence Day 2020 discussion

    Sets aren't that bad tbh, apart from that one for adventures, but I like that you moved chests with old items one category down (like it's every octoberfest event for example) so hats/necklaces are in free category instead of 1500 one. 9000 fireworks category also upgraded from being 50% trash...
  3. Update 2.127 discussion

    Why do you want to change that? Sector bonus was always multiplied by your dmg multiplier(old LS/hp, now the whole new formula) and having 1-3 people wearing distinguished the weaker from the better teams. 250-300 bonus amplified could grant you 500-600 additional damage for full LS builds
  4. New Issue Wrong skills on Soldier items

    I suspect "Soldier Set" is meant to be FF set but 2 of its items grant the player wearing them stamina points. Exactly "Soldier's necklace" id: 41043000 and "Soldier's High Boots" id: 43005000 have 0,15 stamina points per level, but since few years stamina was replaced with setting traps in...
  5. Update 2.125 discussion

    Each new item in game has ID greater than last one by 1000 (or baseID by 1), so to see new items added on beta every 2 weeks mondays/tuesdays you can just type next ones somewhere in private chat room or profile and wait for them to be active, or use script called Tweaker and type /items - it...
  6. Update 2.125 discussion

    I asuume firefighter's set gonna be free right? Cuz it's supposed to be collector's set for jobs but it's setbonuses are 50% weaker than 2 yeard old soccer fan's set xD
  7. Tradesman & Crafting event discussion

    Will Angus stay in game permanently? Will tradeable items from him rotate? or you will just add more? If you want add more i suggest: almost all +LP work instructions all N-leaf clovers premium medals swap for other ones (like with dollar boost)
  8. Update 2.125 discussion

    Maybe just lower the impact leadership has on bonus damage? Instead of bonus_dmg = dmg*leadership/ hp make it for example bonus_dmg = dmg*0,75leadership/ hp = full leadership build will deal less dmg and fights will be longer = more time to get value out of towers and walls in fort as...
  9. Tradesman & Crafting event discussion

    All recipes need 50 crafting points and their drop value is 150$, that's what you can find in game right now, but how we are gonna get them is still not known. Probably you'll get the recipe from npc( dropping could be hard, every job I see has 450$ drop range+(minimal drop is 150$ xD), also...
  10. Situation of the Game

    The IFBC battles are attacker-sided only because of sets we've been given, with any other combination of sets the meta/balance would be diffrent. Imagine starting with Mosey's set instead of Murrieta's and removing 150 dmg bonus out of every sector(-300 for full leadership players), then...
  11. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    If anyone wondered, if innos only plan for TW is milk as much money as possible before game dies, he has answer now.
  12. Update 2.117 discussion

    that's exacly like it should work xD, learn2read Noone forbids you losing 2000 duels and dropping it manually faster
  13. Update 2.117 discussion

    It could be good for people with very high duel lv who can see 1-5 player max. For someone like me who is losing 4 duels after every 2 duels won, who want to be at 160-170 lv constant it'll be pretty useless , cuz on my duel acc I have ~2.5k pvp xp so using it would give me -250 - the same...
  14. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    Why does Nick's Cane was nerfed from 2.3dmg/lv to 2.1dmg/lv ?
  15. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    So maybe first improve the "dia de los muertos" event and then remove it from christmas sale xD, not the other way around.
  16. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    https://forum.beta.the-west.net/index.php?threads/holiday-sale-2018-discussion.3389/page-4#post-35541 unlucky this year :/
  17. Update 2.113 discussion

    Probably for the same reason patriot's set isn't too. Maybe those free gender specific sets for Octoberfests(and Independence day this year too) were too easy to upgrade or they promoted making multis, idk. But one thing I know, making ^4 weapons for female characters was almost free.
  18. Day of the Dead 2019 discussion

    ^this, and Musical cowgirl has almost the same skillpoints as Hamilton's set xD, both are aim/dodge with vigor xD, and there is still no toughness/reflex set with shooting :/, also free set is trash xd. Every year at ddlm there are best sets of the year cuz they were hardest to get, and now we...
  19. Update 2.109 discussion

    But why would anyone want to get/upgrade master saddler's slingshot or blacksmith's gun? It's garbage, at least tonic peddler's bow has resistance and health points, are you planning to change those weapons to be worth getting 750 points in crafting?
  20. Update 2.108 discussion

    As people above me said, quests aren't really ballanced (and two of them are bugged right now xD), saddler >> peddler/cook >>>>blacksmith, and blacksmiths one is too rng dependent, Imo it should be changed to sth like 10-20k damage dealt or something to do with duels for example.