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  1. The Website TW-DB.info

    Hello All The Domain TW-DB.Info has expired, so no Cloth Calc Does anyone know how to get in touch with Petee to find out if it is going to be fixed
  2. Enewetak will not load

    This site can’t be reached zz3.beta.the-west.net took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics
  3. Fixed Support Page has stopped working

    Can you please check the Support page Leones, as when you attempt to enter support all you get is a blank page
  4. Fixed Unable to Login

    Unable to Login in Alamogordo I keep getting this message and so does OneTouch http://prntscr.com/lk76sp
  5. Overpowered Weapon

    This is the most overpowered weapon I have ever seen in the West that's available to players http://prntscr.com/kmd2aj It completely unbalances the game and gives the owner a massive unfair advantage The stats need to be reduced to put dueling back in a balanced format Please leave your comments...
  6. New Issue Cannot Login

  7. Please Remove Steel Lined Boxes from Events

    I am very angry right now, as I have dropped 3 Steel Lined Boxes with absolute junk in them worth less than 10k each The Event is supposed to be something exciting, so why must you dampen our enthusiasm with those Steel Lined Boxes FYI: they cost 150 Nuggets or 9000 Pretzels which represents 24...
  8. Outlaws weapons

    I was just wondering if it was about time the Outlaws weapons and Horse were made Auctionable, as keeping then unsalable appears to serve no purpose anymore
  9. Downgrading Obselete Items

    If someone purchased a top of the line Car and 6 months later a new much more powerful version was introduced, you would sell the current one to allow you to raise cash towards buying the new one You wouldn't abandon the current one, or sell it to a scrap yard (Insert Mobile Trader here) That is...
  10. Food for Thought

    I have approached this idea for consideration in the past to no avail Maybe it will be reconsidered, now I have some facts to back up and prove my reasons for asking yet again I have logged 150+ hours of 15 second jobs on Lead a Trade Office at a cost of 18 Nuggets per hour (see the image below)...
  11. Solution to stop Market Theives

    Over 2 years ago players asked for a 1 to 1 trading system to stop thieves from intercepting items and products meant for others Sadly it was never given any attention I have a proposal that will hopefully be considered by the Developers Currently there are 3 options on the Market being...
  12. Resetting the Forts

    I would like to propose that the Forts are reset and a cap is put on the amount of Forts that 1 town can own The amount of forts that can be owned by 1 town should be decided by the community via a vote of somewhere between 1 and 5 I would like to request a Polling thread to be set up by xShteff...
  13. Unable to Log-In

    Message said Server will be restarted and now this is all I can get http://prntscr.com/ebx88u
  14. Extending the Expiracy date of the Heart Bags

    It sure would be nice if the Heart Bags could continue to be usable until the end of the Event It doesn't cost InnoGames anything to extend them other that a bit of programming and it would sure create some much needed Good Will on their part :) I thoughtful gift to the Community (hint hint) Please...
  15. Small and Large Heart Bags

    I have noticed that the Small and Large Heart Bags expire in 18 Days, which is only half way through the Event Will there be an option to purchase another Small and Large Heart Bag, when they expire in 18 days? I don't know if anyone noticed that I started this thread and I still haven't gotten...
  16. Markers aren't working correctly

    Response not required Please delete this thread
  17. almagordo is down

    Almagordo has been down for over an hour now The last time something like this happened was because a Dev crashed the tombola I hope it hasn't happened again http://prntscr.com/cq53ho
  18. Proposal

    There are 6 sets in the SHOP that I bet have been overlooked and not purchased for a number of years http://prntscr.com/ats18h I would like to propose that they be removed and replaced with useful sets Here are the sets I would like to see made available Cullen Baker Set for 3000 Nuggets Bill...
  19. Proposal

    Here is a suggestion for your consideration, to be able to balance the Medals won from the Tombola's and The Fair. It would be great if the Medals could be available from the shop for 6 nuggets each. That's 50% more profit for InnoGames than buying 14 days Premium, so it helps InnoGames as well as the...
  20. Drop Rate on Saws

    Would it be possible to increase the drop rate on saws, as dropping 1 per hour is extremely depressing. No one wants to collect them, as there are hundreds of other jobs that pay a lot better. A job like that should drop at least 3 per hour in my honest opinion. That would definately make it...