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  1. Fort Battle Popup positioning wrong, also non-selectable marker text

    Game version: 2.46 & 2.47 Game world: Alamongordo Browser + version: Chrome v55 Screen resolution: 1368x766 Account name: foscock Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: I am assuming these 2 problems are related to a style sheet change. #1 In the fort battle screen, when you hover over a...
  2. Ded Moroz - 3rd step of quest is not appearing

    Game version: __ Game world: Alamogordo Browser + version: Chrome 54.0.2840.99 Screen resolution: 1366x768 Account name: foscock Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title: ded moroz Current situation: After completing the first two steps, Snowstorm and Christmas Tree, the next step is not available...