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  1. Update 2.112 discussion

    so we wont get a big flower pot on normal servers or what ?
  2. Update 2.109 discussion

    i mean they are all garbage, maybe just saddler´s gun with fry´s weapon for resistance, but that´s it
  3. Oktoberfest 2019 discussion

    well, i dont see any tombola
  4. Update 2.108 discussion

    well if you are a tank and you need to do 10 ko´s thats really stupid, same goes for a tonic peddler duellist,if you dont wanna die every fort battle just to do some stupid quest, dont understand saddler either, every other crafting has a fort battle quest meanwhile saddler has 5 adventures...
  5. Update 2.107 discussion

    yeah well first they need to make things for booby trap like notebook auctionable
  6. Update 2.107 discussion

    hopefully you will fix things like notebook to get salable, because blacksmith needs that to do booby trap for example and i hope you wont push it like this to live servers
  7. Update 2.100 discussion

    So theres again bug in the new questline ? This is getting ridicilous, and even pushing it on live servers ...
  8. Update 2.99 discussion

    How can I get the snowballs achievement ? I know you get achievement for full edison when you craft something but dont know about the snowballs
  9. Easter Event 2019 discussion

    This is full hp soldier with premium, gringo weapons + andalusian horse and golden saddle + full zapata on lvl 2 https://prnt.sc/n9afxa and this is with union officer set https://prnt.sc/n9ahth, 170 hit chance with full hp is absolutely ridicilous