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  1. mihai10092

    Achievement - Divine wrath

    *lightning effect*
  2. mihai10092

    Achievement - True friendship

    Perhaps the translation is wrong???
  3. mihai10092

    Light Sabers??

    :lol::lol::lol: In life nothing is sure, perhaps only death ?!
  4. mihai10092

    Cracked Egg

    The reward is missing (Finished puzzle) from inventory:
  5. mihai10092

    Valentine's Day Feedback Thread

    confirm for normal worlds
  6. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    why can not participate in the mpi ??? i have this problem when i click to adventures
  7. mihai10092

    New "Day of the Dead" quest?

    i like the change:lol:
  8. mihai10092

    New "Day of the Dead" quest?

    Is a noble chest and not a unique chest. 55000 flowers: You receive a unique chest.
  9. mihai10092

    Adventure Mode !

    The game is sucks and because of this nobody wants to play. Still can't believe how long it took to finish him.
  10. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    Thanks, now it works fine:up: the problem is here again, only one game remains without problem after clearing cache and cookies is possible to shoot from bank to mill
  11. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    *Chrome 36.0.1985.143. *Windows 7
  12. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    error is back:(
  13. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    Google Chrome I solved, I had to delete cache and cookie.
  14. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    I don't see what is written:
  15. mihai10092

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    When we see this update??? *now i see the update
  16. mihai10092

    Independence Day Feedback

    Item Build level required Item Build level required Scarf 1 Saddle (product) 50 Hat 5 Axe 65 Boots 10 Revolver 80 Belt 20 Horse 100 Pants 30 Fort gun 120 Jacket...
  17. mihai10092

    Independence Day Feedback

    Why I don't see the new button for this event??? What I see is the old button:
  18. mihai10092

    Changes to Premium Discussion Thread

    I'm bored to see only nuggets, nuggets, nuggets, ......, real money, real money, real money, ............ When I see something to make me to stay in this game???
  19. mihai10092

    Answered Gone with the Valentines day

    it is a bug, i have same problem
  20. mihai10092

    Valentine's Day Event Feedback Thread

    but consume 24 energy, compared to the rest:whistle: