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  1. Old Item Sale - 2023 - Discussion

    Individual items sale from Hawaiian set would be great. Make that happen and you'll make a lot of ppl happy (and more money too).
  2. Round X

    The answer is 24.
  3. Round IX

    A-2 B-3 C-1
  4. Round VII

    A new adventure map, poker, mobile app and a reworked fort battle interface.
  5. Round VI

    Year Event / Description 2008 The West is nominated as "Browser game of the Year". 2009 The West receives its Public BETA Server. 2010 NPC-Duels were introduced to The West. 2011 The new Avatar generator is introduced. 2012 Union Pacific Shop was introduced. 2013 The cinema arrives...
  6. Round V

    1. Dodging 2. Aug 16, 2012 3. Blacksmith
  7. Round IV

    Day Topic Word Count Monday Crazy Sets 300 Tuesday Mens Day 400 Wednesday Hobbies 500 Thursday Speed Server 200 Friday The west Meeting 600
  8. Round III

    A - Barkeeper Henry Walker B - Wogon Chief C - Waupee D - Maya Roalstad E - Heisenwerg F - Nigel the weapon Dealer G - Sheriff John Fitzburn H - Belle Star
  9. Crafting Event - 15th Birthday - Feedback

    edit: Once I completed a Fort battle it kicked in. I completed all the quests from Birthday Cake Questline and still didn't receive the achievement. Is there another quest after "Cake recipe"? What should I do next? Thank you!
  10. Round II

    The West Birthday Cake (Chocolate lava cake) -15% Energy -25% Work motivation -150 Labor points +25 Uses In order to create this delicious cake we'll be needing all 4 Crafting Classes. 1. Cook - Chocolate cream - 10% Work Motivation 10x Ground coffee 2x Sugar 3x Bottle of milk 1x Whisk 1x...
  11. A look behind the scenes! - Discussion

    I support the idea of downgrading items. Thumbs up who wants this feature into the game!
  12. Changelog 2.195 - Discussion

    Drop chance too
  13. Awesomia Fort Battles - Feedback

    Yeah, everyone needs coins just before the event ends. Thanks a lot, Loki!
  14. Awesomia Fort Battles - Feedback

    Are we going to have a FF this weekend too? I'm in need of some coins :njub: