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  1. Crafting Event - 15th Birthday - Feedback

    not sure about this but on Enewetak world i have reached level 751 crafting but cant access cooperation pays off questline (at waupee?) Also text at master saddler is currently german
  2. Crafting Event - 15th Birthday - Feedback

    Master profession is missing for me on Alamagordo , is there a bug? Also old willow baskets have appeared, what's that all about.
  3. Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2022 - Discussion

    Happened to me as well on Alamagordo
  4. Event Señor Piñata

    Not really my sort of thing but the game makers are at least making an effort to introduce different stuff so well done to them.
  5. Day of the Dead 2022 Discussion

    is this script at the flowers quest (guest from colombia) correct at the sheriff? I'm so happy to see more quests on our festival. I love to meet new people. I'm Maya, nice to meet you. My family every year prepares more and more flowers for our celebration. This year it's can be different. Can...
  6. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    Same here. thats with all clothing/weapons/horse unequipped
  7. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    How ? I unequip everything and still lose
  8. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    Well done
  9. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    Only shows up if you have the quest from john open? Daily task board shows up yellow instead of blue.
  10. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    Not sure setting 5 fort battles for between 5.04pm and 5.07pm tomorrow is helping much.
  11. Independence Day Discussion

    In the description where it says James Brooks clothing set, it doesn't show James Brooks boots?
  12. Easter Event 2022 Discussion Thread

    Thanks for quick reply
  13. Easter Event 2022 Discussion Thread

    Ok got the 10 carrots but the quest didn't complete. Tried cancelling to reset quest, but the quest isn't there any more. What to do now?
  14. Easter Event 2022 Set Feedback

    Off topic maybe, but do we have a date for Easter event starting on beta servers?
  15. Winter Event 2022 Discussion

    Snowflakes collection card has picture of elfs/gnomes hat
  16. Winter Event 2022 Discussion

    There is a quest at Angus mcGuffin from Angus Love questline, is that new? Not sure how to access it either.
  17. Winter Event 2022 Discussion

    Says its a product? if i click on it it goes to space where saddle items go
  18. Winter Event 2022 Discussion

    Are the winter collecion cards bugged? Have 2 so far and can't open them.
  19. Harvest Event 2021 Discussion

    Still not working