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  1. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.197 - Discussion

    @Loki Hello, here is some feedback from the EN Forum (since I was told that you and @Syntex never discuss feedback about updates...): "NPC duels: I don't think there's ever a reason to duel NPCs, other than...
  2. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.193 - Discussion

    @Loki , Carnival in the West (French wiki) That one for sure but there are others. Also please ask if we can have access to older event currency, like in this case, the "peacock feathers", in some form or fashion so that newer players can catch up in Achievement points to older players. In...
  3. Jeremiah Johnson

    Awesomia Fort Battles - Feedback

    So, what about flag defense? What you are describing is literally the only real function of adventurer's ghost ability being difficult to kill on the flag. I'm sorry if everyone for whatever reason conflates adventurers as tower corner defenders like a proper Worker or Solider but that's just...
  4. Jeremiah Johnson

    Winter Event 2023 - Discussion

    I agree with the commentary here. The drop rates are ok for longer clicky events. Shorter ones like this are not as feasible especially if you are trying to promote players with multiple worlds. There's just not time for that.
  5. Jeremiah Johnson

    New Duelling System - Proposal

    I was thinking the same thing. This needs to be tested right away.
  6. Jeremiah Johnson

    Contest The Joy of The West

    Edit: My bad. I didn't see the "no digital media allowed" part. Above is my entry. Below is what I did using Procreate. It's just for show.
  7. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.190 - Discussion

    @Loki I have a question, and this is in no way a slight against WhyNot and the small handful of Beta players that try to offer feedback, but why are you not working with Syntex to run International (EN) test servers* for new gear sets? I can promise you that you'd have a reasonably good sample...
  8. Jeremiah Johnson

    New shop items - Feedback

    I'll add my 2¢ here and echo the well stated key points: Adding new shop clothes is a bad idea because you really should: Focus on the fort battle formula and retool the class functionality with forts. Consider consolidating all the non-EN servers to EN, then work to consolidate the EN worlds...
  9. Jeremiah Johnson

    Luck Drop Rate

    Absolutely, no to that. The Adventurer class has very little going for it in this day and age of the game. Nerfing that class feature would be a face-slapping insult to those that still choose to play the class.
  10. Jeremiah Johnson

    Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2022 - Discussion

    So does the new set imply that those that chose to church build are little children? Seems that way rather unironically.
  11. Jeremiah Johnson

    Contest Winter is here! ❄️

    Maya wearing Nicolas' Clothes carrying the Shiny Golden Gun, dusting snow off Rudolph
  12. Jeremiah Johnson

    New Gamemode: Assault

    I think this is a very cool idea chiefly because you have cooperation as a premise instead of opposition. I am assuming that having two human sides for this would make the implementation of this more unlikely, but I like the idea of there being a "break into the bank vault" scenario. Maybe the...
  13. Jeremiah Johnson

    Pumpkin Hunt 2022 - Discussion

    When is this getting pushed to regular servers?
  14. Jeremiah Johnson

    New Gamemode: Assault

    So....you are breaking into a bank or someones closet apparently? Who are you fighting, bank guards? And they keep clothes in the vault versus money? This sounds like Shadow Raids into Immortal Vaults in Diablo Immortal as a premise, but you've provided no context at all outside of a general...
  15. Jeremiah Johnson

    Day of the Dead 2022 Discussion

    That will never happen as it would decimate Innogames' profit margin via "New EN world + DOTD + Xmas event" schema. People spend hundreds of dollars to drop multiple Death chests. At the start of a new EN world, they want ^1 or ^2 Cortina and G. Cortez gear to utterly dominate fort fighting...
  16. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.181 Discussion

    The fact that you consistently resort to base ad hominem to back up your claim only reinforces my argument. You stick with that Guiri and I'll continue not to believe you. Also I believe there is a misconception on your part. The "sets" I'm speaking of aren't useless new sets with each DOTD...
  17. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.181 Discussion

    So essentially you are both either not actually telling a fully true story or you know about an exploit for the DOTD minigame, taking advantage of it, and, even worse, not reporting it. Therefore, live stream your way of "how to play DOTD correctly" this year to prove your "special knowledge" or...
  18. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.181 Discussion

    "Know how to play DOTD well"...you mean they can pull a slot machine lever? Yeah I suppose that does take a measure of elbow dexterity that not all people possess.
  19. Jeremiah Johnson

    Changelog 2.181 Discussion

    It seems that it is time to create v3.0 that restarts the game without the seven years of legacy tombola sets, changes the level range, adds in new quests, jobs, events, etc. and simultaneously allow some worlds to be the v2.0+ model. InnoGames should then consider consolidating all servers into one...
  20. Jeremiah Johnson

    Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    Dear players, We are waiting here your feedback the update link. After the Players They told a Their opinion. Not exactly earth-shattering in the humor department...