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  1. Poll about lv 250

    Would you like to buy a puzzle from me? It has a few missing pieces but i promise i'll ship them to you when i finish them
  2. Poll about lv 250

    Discussions were made in different topics, different opinions and 0 interes from the developer towards what players think. There's no need to debate any opinion here because we already know about most of them, just vote if you consider the update a step forward or backward. The poll, no matter...
  3. Changelog 2.184

    Create a new world which won't have this brainless excuse of an update and allow players to migrate there from all other servers on that community for a price... be it even 3000-5000 nuggets. i'm a tank i won't participate in any fort fight just to see a guy who got the daily log in bonus for...
  4. Changelog 2.184

    there is a topic created in august and it has 11pages about level increase, i guarantee nobody who is in charge of increasing the level has any clue about what it was written there i'll take a wild guess and say that this changelog will reach the live servers exactly as it is, are you new here...
  5. Changelog 2.184

    Sell the rights for this game, InnoGames. You don't know how to keep players, how to create content, update existing stuff, or even make money. Adios.
  6. Next level cap - sugestion

    please just read my comment again, first phrase of what you said is already answered in my comment but let me try to clarify even more and with simpler words for you hunt alligators = 220xp/15sec -> 200k jobs (34days) = 44kk xp ----> new lvl cap 1kkk+ xp necessary -> 15sec jobs are a waste of...
  7. Next level cap - sugestion

    i'm glad atleast now we are on topic yes, unreasonable build church and gain 11k xp at best, average in my town is 7k/h 15sec jobs? where i get 220xp? and i don't use the set you pointed out few pages ago, with that one i might get barely 150 if lv 250 requires 1kkk xp you think this kind of...
  8. Next level cap - sugestion

    i don t have to answer your question, because 5 other people already told you i'm not whining when i get any set up3 and i'm still below someone without any upgrade, because i got 500skill points and the other got 800 the issue here isn't the level increase itself, but by how much it will be...
  9. Next level cap - sugestion

    can u shut up already? 3pages of you whining atleast if it was on topic
  10. Next level cap - sugestion

    i mean create a poll on each server, there are ways to check everyone's opinion stop being so dense
  11. Next level cap - sugestion

    who will be rewarded if lv 250 needs 1kkk+ xp ? so many posts about " i'm glad we see new content" - yes, new jobs, and??? what else is new? if you consider increasing lv new content the bar is way too low. "Maybe this was the biggest task and they want to finish it first and then to do the...
  12. Next level cap - sugestion

    you need 100levels over someone in order to win and consider it fair?
  13. Next level cap - sugestion

    *bump* maybe the dev should offer us some insights of the big update, cuz all his work might be in vain if nobody likes what he's doing
  14. Oktoberfest Set Feedback

    https://wiki.the-west.net/wiki/Shepherd%27s_set great 10items free set from 4years ago just copy-paste it and add a 10% more on everything throw us a bone already...
  15. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    after 100jobs with 1gift drop i considered the only reasonable thing to do is to give up this miserable and disgusting event keep focusing in making events only for those who care about having all achievements, you'll sure win in the long run
  16. Changelog 2.180 Discussion

    thanks, i didn't know but still this isn't fair i'm glad at least i checked before upgrading it, just to see no difference
  17. Changelog 2.180 Discussion

    same for belt defense remains the same
  18. Independence Day Discussion

    "He's done 41k dmg in 39rounds which proves captain's set on defence is a good choice"
  19. Harvest Event 2022 Discussion

    as always in the past 2years ? because more than 2years ago you could find all 100 blue cards, gifts, snowballs etc in less than 5h now the drop rate is miserable
  20. Changelog 2.180 Discussion

    it was a feature not a bug :))) but you really feel the need to ruin any little thing instead of focusing on necessary stuff