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  1. Klar

    Day of the Dead 2022 Discussion

    Hi there, thank you for the report. There are some issues (such as too much/less values, not upgradable etc) related to DotD items but these will be fixed.
  2. Klar

    Changelog 2.184

  3. Klar

    Changelog 2.184

    I'm not involved in the process hence I have no information regarding to your question. Thought I just clarify for you guys not to wait for the update due to the national holiday.
  4. Klar

    Changelog 2.184

    Indeed, it will be published tomorrow.
  5. Klar

    Oktoberfest Event 2022 Feedback

    Yup, here are the prices:
  6. Klar

    Independence Day Discussion

    I wasn't able to click quick enough to reproduce your issue but I'm glad it sorted out. :)
  7. Klar

    Complete your Easter Sets Sale Discussion

    It might be unintended, i'll make sure to ask about it. :)
  8. Klar

    Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    Pink/rose > literally any other color:dastardly:
  9. Klar

    Crafting Event 2022 Discussion

    As an alternative you may open your crafting list by clicking on your profile picture and then the last window/tab will be your profession without the script affection.