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  1. Make Adventures playable

    What ? Very BIG BIG reason why I don't play adventures. Nothing good in VP shop. Before, you could buy one XP potion for 500 VP points. I joined all the time. If pro team or noob team, no problem. I didn't left. 500 VP points, bought one XP potion. Joined another adventure battle. Got 500 VP...
  2. Contest O Christmas Tree!

    B. The member is ChickenMcGuy.
  3. New shop items - Feedback

    True. We have daily task missions that give bonds. Why don't they put bond rewards at Ghost Town and Indian Reservation missions ?
  4. Changelog 2.188 - Discussion

    "We have a solution for your problem! From now, the traveling fair will start at random full hour between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. (server time)." Nice ! When traveling fair started, it was sleep time for me. Every time I woke up, fair full of products, and construction at half...
  5. Western Friday Sale 2022 - Discussion

    Best items for XP ? I think only Western Friday Weapon set for me (+70% XP). I have Maggie's horse and saddle 35% XP + Maggie's weapons 35% XP + Josephine's clothing set 63% XP.
  6. Contest Stills from The West

    1: Skills > Hiding 2: Every fort in The West > Gun in front of the FORT Building, inside the fort 3: Town > Bank > Account balance > Total
  7. Contest October Puzzle 2022

    A1 ,B3, C4, D2, D4, A2, D1, A3, A4, C2, D3, C1, B2, B1, B4, C3.
  8. Contest Day of the Dead 2022 Contest

    Cempasúchil = 24 Legendary black chest = 15 Calaveras de dulce = 29 Cempasúchil Blue Case = 18
  9. Next level cap - sugestion

    This is why new worlds open. Want to start from zero, wait for a new world to come. Don't play from level 0 in worlds that are old, that have more than 6-7 years.
  10. Next level cap - sugestion

    And if you got KO daily, if you lose money daily, if you lose energy daily, game is not "alive" for you ("alive" for the dueler, yes). Eventually you will delete character or put in vacation mode. Or townless for 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 months, doing jobs. With new level caps, of course we will get...
  11. Next level cap - sugestion

    Hmm... The ones that kept grinding for XP, kept building Church after reaching level 150 got KO by the people that where focussed on the PvP. Now, is "time" for the other way. The ones that kept grinding for XP can KO the people that where focussed on the PvP and kept KO the XP players.
  12. Next level cap - sugestion

    Because you don't know what to do when you reach full level. Fort fights ? If world is dead, if one alliance (with 20 towns ) got all the forts, dead battles. Duels ? You reach duel level 250-300-400 fast, but no one to duel... You got some players to KO (for 10-15 XP) almost every day; but...
  13. Next level cap - sugestion

    Use sets, use potions that give XP, use buffs that gives XP. And with new levels, new high daily XP rewards. New jobs. Right now, Hunt Alligator gives the most XP. With new jobs (saw a picture posted on The West Facebook in August); I bet they will give more XP than Alligators. "my grind has 0...
  14. Next level cap - sugestion

    Unreasonable ? Want to reach level 250 ? Start leveling. Do 15s jobs or build church. Simple.
  15. Next level cap - sugestion

    And you don't want new level cap ? Well, that's YOUR problem and YOUR problem alone. And don't complain if the new level cap will ruin the duels. Duels are allready broken with the level up items.\ "Of course he will be able to KO that 150 level player , even if you are a lower level and you...
  16. Next level cap - sugestion

    First answer my questions, then I stop whining. Or you don't know what to say ? And on topic ? It is on topic. New levels might be good at constructions, at new jobs, maybe we will get new crafts, good at fort fights. New jobs, new quests. But no, new level cap = not good for duels. Well, new...
  17. Next level cap - sugestion

    Who said I don't have level up items ? I said earlier in this topic. I stopped with them. This year got level up items. Next year, new events with better duel items, better fort items, better XP items, better money items. Stard leveling them. Surprise, next year, new and better items. Level...
  18. Next level cap - sugestion

    Test server ? Where ? All are playing the game like a real server. If it was a test server, you couldn't put money in the server. The premium would be free. But no. It's a real server. Not test server. A level 130 player can KO a level 150 player if he is full duel and enemy full trading...