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  1. xDiego

    Update 2.69 & Christmas sale discussion

    How hard can it be to make a quest? This game excists already for more than 9 years, and quests have been part of the game since then. Unbelievable that almost every time a new quest is introduced there are problems with it. Incompetent devs I call that...
  2. xDiego

    Update 2.69 & Christmas sale discussion

    They put 2017 chests also in the bags. I got hardin chest and garret chest so thats nice. Too bad we cant buy xmas bags with cash
  3. xDiego

    Small and Large Heart Bags

    You should be used to that since nobody likes you and the only thing you do is complain :p
  4. xDiego

    Changelog 2.4x Discussion Thread

    You cannot even upgrade that set since you can only get one piece of pants, hat, etc. Now the question is why did they make it upgradable then? :P
  5. xDiego

    Answered local Beer

    at milling grains
  6. xDiego

    Answered Leaflet (Maya's dream Business idea)

    At ambush. But it has a low droprate
  7. xDiego

    The Colcord Story

    Because you first have to gain the 1000 dollars from duels and then you can finish the quest by shooting billy. You cannot first shoot billy and then gain the 1000$. It's kinda stupid but it's like that ;)
  8. xDiego

    The Colcord Story

    With a flag equipped...
  9. xDiego

    [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    This is beta server, it's your choice to use nuggets on a testing server. Stop complaining It's funny that some people still don't understand that :D
  10. xDiego

    Welcome Muf-Muf

    I thought you quit? You better behave yourself or the new CM won't like you any more than the previous one did ;)
  11. xDiego

    Christmas sale feedback

    Oh finally the moment we've all been waiting for... :) Byee The event was good with the free bag 3x a week. The bags were a little expensive so now the market is not flooded with items.
  12. xDiego

    Items that aren't but should be upgradable

    Face it and accept it that they won't be upgradable. As Ahram said, they have had their time and it's time for new weapons. It's also like that in real life. If you bought a great phone 2 years ago, now it's outdated and there are better phones around. That's just business. So stop complaining ;)
  13. xDiego

    Job Time Reduction Feedback Thread

    I think that halving would give access not only to the big nugget spenders but also to more normal players who spend some small amount of nuggets. Because halving would be cheaper it would lower the threshold for small nugget players. Big spenders would still be able to finish a job really...
  14. xDiego

    Job Time Reduction Feedback Thread

    I don't like the idea. It will completely ruin the little balance in the game we have left. But if you want to implement something like this, make it a little different perhaps: Instead of paying nuggets to finish the job immediately it would be better if you could pay to reduce the job time by...
  15. xDiego

    Cracked Egg

    Keep searching, they will drop ;) I found more than 4x every egg
  16. xDiego

    Adventure Mode !

    Because most players who play this game are europeans and they sleep at night :P When adventures are officially released then you will have more players playing at night ;)
  17. xDiego

    Oktoberfest Feedback Thread

    Yes, if you find a potion of new beginning then you will be able to change it for something else from that category. Just send a support request. http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showpost.php?p=29513&postcount=3
  18. xDiego


    For the repeatable quest you have to do catching horses
  19. xDiego

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    1) Shortcuts are available (numbers from 1 to 5) 2) Skills and game mechanics will be posted later on. I don't want to give them in case they wanna keep it secret :P 3) They will add a team queue later on they told me
  20. xDiego

    Adventures Feedback Thread

    It's whoever sets their action first.. So you need to be fast