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  1. Far37

    Community Report #3: Duel Protection Discussion

    In my opinion the biggest problem lies with the townless players as targets, not so much with the taking away of job-KO's or the Bodyguard-system. The most obvious objections have allready been named by others in this thread: - Townless players are targets, but can't duel back - Townless...
  2. Far37

    New version of friends list.

    Please bring back the old system/interface ;) When it isn't broken, don't fix it :whistle:
  3. Far37

    New Battle Formula Feedback

    Ok ;) then that second part isn't relevant ;) Still doesn't change the first part :lol:
  4. Far37

    New Battle Formula Feedback

    Is it me or is 1200 a bit low? I know the purpose was to give HP-Tanks a disadvantage, but in theory I see a couple of (minor) issues. To me it looks like (in theory ofcourse) having lower HP wil give a better resistance-bonus. Only problem with this is that lower HP-fortfighters always...
  5. Far37

    Matreials for forts

    I agree, seems there's a better balance now between fort materials and drop-rates.
  6. Far37

    Duel Protection

    I voted NO, Because working and dueling are two separate things. When you're KO-ed while dueling you're not prohibited from working for 48 hours. Also if working should give dueling protection, then so should a KO from a NPC. And those who still want their 48 hours of peace can still...
  7. Far37

    Job Motivation

    depends on the purpose of a job :) When I search for products I'll just keep going even when I hit 0%. But when you're doing 'luck'-jobs to find some good items I'll normally keep it +85%. (Also with some quests the droprate of a quest-item seem to drop faster with high motivation).
  8. Far37

    Discussion: Job Durations

    My vote went to option 3 also. I wouldn't mind option 1 either. It gives a player the option to put in 8 hours of work (4x 2 hours) in case you happen to be at work/school (etc.). That way you can use the energy and offline-time more efficient ;).
  9. Far37

    Roadmap: Show of Hands

    I hope the jobsystem improvement will result in finding more products per job. (i.e. 1 star = 1 sugar, 3 stars = maximum of 3 sugar). If that's the case, then I'm all for that ;) Also the Fortbattle-improvements and multiplayer-stuff are interesting :D.
  10. Far37

    Duelling Classes

    I'll give the edge to Dueller for the 15min (premium 30 min)-radius. I agree soldiers can go on longer without replenishing their health. Perhaps soldiers have an advantage with incoming duels (because of the tactics-bonus), but overall I still think Duellers. I guess it mostly depends...
  11. Far37

    Easter Showdown Feedback Thread

    Here also: http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/8812/easterduelbug.png screen from entewak, also had the problem on amchitka and alamogordo
  12. Far37

    Union-Pacific Shop items

    * More cash maybe, but normally players don't do fortbattles to earn money ;). * Fort, I personally don't think that in most cases 1 player using the fort buff will make the difference between winning or not. Teamwork is the key. * Achievement points? Do players really make a goal of that...
  13. Far37

    Union-Pacific Shop items

    I've noted on several occasions that some of the shops items are overpriced or have something wrong with them. Fortbattle Buffs: For example: - The cheapest Fortbattle buff is 25 bonds (which has 1 use). - In a fortbattle you can earn a maximum of 11 bonds. So you spend 25 to earn...
  14. Far37

    Union Pacific - feedback

    true :P but how many times did you think you deserved a steel lined chest and didn't get one? I can see how with this system the 3 bonds are garantied (if they are earned), where as in the past a steel lined chest wasn't.
  15. Far37

    Union Pacific - feedback

    My thoughts on the items and the prices in the UPB-shop: - chests/(item)bags: prices seem about right - crafting bags: I think 125 might be too much, I've heard someone got 2x lead from a bag (which can be obtained for 17 nuggets a piece), so he got 34 nuggets worth paying 125. - Life...