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  1. Changelog 2.177 Discussion

    what happened for old gears update ?
  2. Changelog 2.176 Discussion

    as i see , nothing changed on public version on .net server next old items , will be shoes sure ?
  3. Changelog 2.176 Discussion

    after update : before update : before update the aim and appreance was same amount , but after update the aim down and be like health point !!! is it just a wrong codes or ... ?
  4. Changelog 2.173 Discussion Thread

    i can not understand , why people kill themself for nugget sales :/
  5. Changelog 2.173 Discussion Thread

    it seems , belts code were harder than another gears as less belt updated in one update in compare jacket , neckband , pants ...
  6. Changelog 2.172 Discussion Thread

    just to say , we ( developer or who work on this game of InnoGames ) are working and get a salary :P
  7. Changelog 2.172 Discussion Thread

    2 week and just a bug fix ! probably bug was a bigger one !!!!
  8. Changelog 2.172 Discussion Thread

    no old item upgrade ? :/
  9. Changelog 2.171 Discussion

    it seems neckband upgrade done sure ? as last your posts in another topic , next will be belts ?
  10. Changelog 2.170

    hmm , will use [ 5Fancy fringed scarf] with my current [ 5Black felt hat] [ 4Green shell jacket] [ 5Brown jeans] [ 5Sandals] for my app aim dodge build now i am waiting for [ 5Fancy silver buckle belt] and [5Green suede boots] :D Al35ul CM next upgrades after neckbands will be belts or...
  11. Changelog 2.169

    developer of this game dont have any idea about this game after 13 year they think , its active like 6-7 years ago or they just wanna go players nerve and kidding us InnoGames stop making this game more unplayble
  12. Changelog 2.169

    no more post for me on beta forums and also .net server about feedbacks :/
  13. Changelog 2.169

    https://prnt.sc/BoBPf8l0na5W 2 hour and already waiting on queue in .net server ! also PM time , prime times ! so it seems InnoGames kidding us with 10k adven play while i even can not find 4-5 play each day
  14. Changelog 2.169

    https://prnt.sc/_bzf5H6PVXXZ .net server , prime time , waiting 1 hour but ... :/
  15. Changelog 2.169

    then resistans need to be 1x reflex + 1/4 toughness , even are hard to beat with those new sets
  16. Changelog 2.169

    ofc yes , only big guys with big guns can get that amount of kills , be sure
  17. Changelog 2.169

    here is the screen shot of .net server world colorado , is the most active world on .net server https://prnt.sc/Hk6Z-MuU2Hvy https://prnt.sc/1vFuh5fJRmVE there is only 6 player with around 2k play been play .net server since 2009 and like advens but also can not catch 2k play ! i am sure ...
  18. Changelog 2.169

    10k adven ! InnoGames kidding us now :D it seems , InnoGames dont know anything about adven Participate in each servers , i like advens but sometime , i need to wait 1 hour in prime time to get only one adven :D dont wanna say anything in AM time
  19. Changelog 2.168 Discussion

    probably kidding us ! maybe they dont know how to coding all of them in same time my friend kid have 12 years old , he can codding them in 30 min just in excel :/
  20. Changelog 2.167 Discussion

    upgrading items are good but i dont know what they can not do it in one update for all gears ? :/ is it hard ? no it is not , u can just write some line code and make it for all gears