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  1. Situation of the Game

    Hi, Why not open a live communication channel between players and developers once a month or every 3 months? Why can't we see in the raffle now what we lost? (to turn all 3 cards on your face like a circus? Why not take sleeping and duels out of quest during the event?
  2. October Contest

    Nr.1 is my answer
  3. Harvest Event 2021 Discussion

    maybe you extend the time for the quest or do we ask too much already?
  4. The West Avatar Forum Contest

    https://prnt.sc/1hvaqg5 alamogordo
  5. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    same me :(
  6. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    :( :(
  7. My contest entry - Game 3

    nr.3, it`s inccorect kake
  8. Update 2.136 Discussion

    Today at 10:28 AM Add bookmark #2 We are aware of the issue with the new bonuses for the Mexican and Gentleman set and we are working on fixing them. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Dancer set? for femele :( Did you forget about this set?
  9. Update 2.96 discussion

    Big like team, even a change was needed for Sf.Patrick set
  10. Update 2.94 discussion

    Hi For quest The ties that bind - part The wedding I need corn flour, but I am master saddler, I can`t make this Requires: - Rose 21/21 - Corn 10/10 - Grain 10/10 - Corn flour 0/5 - this item is not auctionable! - Glass of water 3/3 - Ham 10/10 - T-Bone-Steak 10/10 - Jug 1/1 - Hearts sent to...
  11. Event Winter Treasure

    Hi, we do not have this year, 2019 Event Winter Treasure?
  12. Update 2.88 discussion

    55000 : You will receive the cane of the dead groom. 90000 : You will receive the violin of the dead groom. 110000 : You will receive the bouquet of a dead bride. 140000 : You will receive the dead groom's chest. groom chest?
  13. Easter 2018 discussion

    Easter Event Welcome back to the annual Easter Showdown! From March 28th until April 18th (????) you will be able to challenge, duel and defeat the well-known 4 bandits in order to win some brand new prizes! Happy Easter! Visit our forum for more information!
  14. Update 2.70 discussion

    - [1]Map of the Winter Treasure 1/1 - This quest is only available from 16.01.2018 at 06:00 until the 23.01.2018 at 12:00. Finish the quest before begin? 16.02 is correct
  15. Inactive / died world

    if you don`t like, go back
  16. Unable to Log-In

    me too
  17. Changelog 2.6x Discussion Thread

    hi, beta not work