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  1. The West Beta Meme Forum Contest

    Smh'ing my head. Fine, I'll do it myself. 420k to the victor. Buy some buffs and farm that 2500 fireworks in a few mins ;)
  2. The West Beta Meme Forum Contest

    Pog. I don't think my account is activated anymore, I just couldn't resist meme'ing. Would be fair if you gave the prize to 2nd place @koshtikcy
  3. Update 2.128 discussion

    Did it stop at 15 though or is that just where the wiki stopped? Attack value penalty is unchanged afaik. This change impacts damage.
  4. Di

    Send a ticket on your server requesting your weapon upgrade to be refunded due to this patch. They may fix it for you.
  5. Changelog 2.6x Discussion Thread

    Fair point. It does also seem more fitting to use # of crafts before the diversity since someone having more crafts seems like more of an accomplishment. I do see the logic of using diversity before total crafts though since someone could just craft 2000 pyrite discs to gain spots in the...
  6. Changelog 2.6x Discussion Thread

    my understanding: If you craft 100 bayonets and 25 lubricant Your crafting diversity score is 15 ( Sq root of 100 + Sq root of 25 = 10+5) Whereas if you just craft 125 bayonets it would be 11.2 based(idk if it does decimal or not...)
  7. Garret Set Damage Bonus Not Active

    Game version:2.53 - beta revision fa5bb23 (2017/04/18 09:28:55) Game world: zz1 - Alamagordo Browser + version: N/A Screen resolution: N/A Account name: jarograv Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5...
  8. Fort battles - tanks

    There is an opportunity cost - more points invested in HP means less points invested in skills that would give you a higher chance to hit/dodge. That being said, tanks have the most dodges since they have more HP to dodge with. The way xp is calculated is more favoured to duellers since they...
  9. Resetting the Forts

    Maneuvers are a huge benefit to be accessed for testing purposes. The goal of my post isn't to say maneuvers should be the new way to do battle and I certainly don't think that it will encourage more participation, more battle participants come from other suggestions such as individual rewards...
  10. Resetting the Forts

    My $0.02... There doesn't appear to be any short-term plans of making large scale changes such as new FF formulas that would require testing via full battles. This is a test server. I agree completely with papa's point that if players want better battles, they need to promote battles on an...
  11. Attack a fort and then leave town, and the town end up a ghost town.

    How so? That's an awful lot of work when you can just add your "friends" town to the fort as a member, then leave the fort to them. Or invite your friend to your town then leave it. Same result.
  12. Hi

  13. English Text Errors

    Error in quest: Back to Tombstone (The history of the west) http://prntscr.com/axotim "goig" should be "going"
  14. English Text Errors

    Some attributes appear after the skills on the item bonus for Tlingit set. Applies to the bow, drum, and wings. http://prntscr.com/amdibz
  15. [Discussion] Fort Battle formula changes

    His suggestion was pretty valid actually, I think you just missed the point. Leave stamina as the skilled used by attackers but switch it over to a dexterity skill and make setting traps a strength skill (which would not be used in FFs). This effectively accomplishes the same thing as swapping...
  16. [Discussion] InnoGames TV: March

    Good to see The-West getting some much needed publicity. Hopefully some people will return to take part in future events like the FF International :) P.S. - I see Agent Callan has moved from LA to Germany and found himself a new career.
  17. adventures

    Most people just spam saloon 1 with colourful text trying to get people to join. Sometimes people join, sometimes I've waited 30 mins+ for enough people to join. Best time is about 1800-2200 when most people are online :)