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  1. NPC

    On high duel difficulty (ex. at 500) my npc had 15-20k hp. How could you KO them to finish some quests? You can't, you have to loose a lot of duels with them to bring difficulty lower again, i think this should be fix.
  2. New Issue Avatars

    Maybe it's time to bugfix some avatar parts. 1 2 3
  3. Skill points

    Let's debate something interesting about game balancing. So with migration in few years players from new worlds will migrate on older worlds to make them alive again but how new characters will compete with 10yrs old characters who complete year after years repetable quests which gives skill...
  4. Willow basket

    Will willow basket ever be available again ? if no, are there any chances to put summer poncho in some event ? thanks.
  5. Sale

    What would you say about a sale with old avatar? A lot of players would pay for them and we never got the chance to get 'em back since they were removed so a limited time offer to get them back would please a lot of player and you don't have nothing to lose but only to win money. :)