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  1. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    Any chance to get summer poncho this summer? :D :D
  2. NPC

    Like 4-5k when difficulty is high to be able to KO them.
  3. NPC

    On high duel difficulty (ex. at 500) my npc had 15-20k hp. How could you KO them to finish some quests? You can't, you have to loose a lot of duels with them to bring difficulty lower again, i think this should be fix.
  4. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    Talkin' about new sets.. is there in plans adding any new premium sets in sales?
  5. Changelog 2.153 Discussion

    It wouldn't be fair to switch bonuses between fancy felt hat and black wide brim because already a lot of players made fancy felt hat +5 because of the current bonuses.
  6. New Issue Avatars

    Maybe it's time to bugfix some avatar parts. 1 2 3
  7. Changelog 2.153 Discussion

    You should also fix fisherman weapons bug. There is a 1 percent difference on money bonus between duelling weapons.
  8. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Probably bcs it's not a common set :D
  9. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Hawaii costs 4.7k and you can buy it nuggets only.
  10. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Actually some of them are auctionable like soccer fans and hawaii.
  11. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    This horse sets seem to be everything players wished for.
  12. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Kinda sad, i would like soccer fans set :D does those horse & saddle give some achievement if u buy them? it should.. since they are considered premium items.
  13. Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Gonna be a separate sale for worlds opened in may?
  14. Willow basket

    @Al35ul CM
  15. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    @Al35ul CM didn't get any answer about avatar parts. so?
  16. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    @Al35ul CM Hat American flags Glasses
  17. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    @Al35ul CM I was thinking about this ones. Why not? You put avatar parts on dotd, valentines.. we would also like to collect this ones.
  18. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    @Al35ul CM will old avatar parts be available on shop? like in past events.
  19. Willow basket

    So no soccer event. Maybe consider adding willow baskets? We also need those dreamcatchers to finish a quest so its a good opportunity. And again, those dreamcatchers doesen't exist on newest world to buy them from market.
  20. Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    Actually, if they change leadership with appearance those weapons would be nice on duels.