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  1. RaiderTr

    "2021 Plans"

    Well, apparently and unsurprisingly 2020 plans of InnoGames for The-West became "2021 plans" , yet the only thing we hear of is "Level 200" still (which won't help to game in any way) And even that, is still very unclear. I mean we get it, you have at max 2 (prolly part-time) Devs with a management...
  2. RaiderTr

    What to do with Bonds?

    Soo xmas is near but I don't really see where I can spend my Bonds as a Tank.. Since DotD sets were ripped off from xmas bags and other sets ain't that hard to get.. As it happens.. 2020 DotD had the best Tanky set to date... Apart from the best Building set. Sure get some items, make some...
  3. RaiderTr

    Town Chat Topic Bug?

    I've noticed that Town chat topic disappears on its own time to time.. Did anyone else notice this too
  4. RaiderTr

    Travelling Fair..

    Can we just have random opening times or whatever already? (https://forum.the-west.net/index.php?threads/better-opening-time-for-travelling-fair.58406)
  5. RaiderTr

    Situation of the Game

    We all had our ranting, complaining etc moments but I will try to be as constructive as possible here. Nothing below will be the things you don't already know though. On a side note, I'm one of those first players that came back after a looong hiatus, and I've gathered a lot of feedback from...