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  1. Changelog Version 2.29

    Today we are updating the public beta to 2.29. A changelog will follow in the coming days. For the public beta only, the following changes occurred: Altered the duelling formula again. Resistance and charisma will be less powerful now. Shortened duelling times to 5m (temporary). Shortened...
  2. Two NPCs have come to visit

    You approach the saloon and notice a poster on the door... The following persons are hereby wanted in the state of New Mexico by the Alamogordo Sheriff’s Office for reasons of murder, robbery and general mischief; William Doolin, and Cullen Montgomery Baker Anybody caught aiding...
  3. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    Announcement thread: https://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=2779
  4. Duelling Changes Part II

    G'day everyone, Earlier this year, we made some significant changes to the duelling system with the aim of promoting experience duelling over zero motivation duelling. We also stated that we would like to also address the balancing calculations, which we feel are not ideal. The day has arrived...
  5. Finalist #3: The Hat

    Questline summary: This is the story about an Indian called Rollin’ Stone. He sure is one disorganized man but there is no one kinder than him. Due to his absence of mind he often ends up in trouble. This time he seems to have lost his very special hat. Questline name: The Hat Player level: 50...
  6. Finalist #2: Trail of the spirits

    Questline summary: The player assists sheriff John Fitzburn at work, and when the sheriff begins to act odd, must turn to the other saloon regulars for help, delving into Indian rituals with Waupee, in order to free the sheriff from the intruding spirit's grasp. With an Extravagant Indian bustle...
  7. Finalist #1: The Sioux Warrior White Skin

    Questline summary: Defeat the evil Indian of the Sioux tribe and become a warrior shaman Questline name: The Sioux Warrior White Skin Player level: 50 Quest name: 1. We need your help! Employer: Sheriff Quest text: Hello, stranger. I will make this short. This is the damned month, the...
  8. Changelog Version 2.26

    Free third set slot in item manager Some of you suggested that it would be great if we could add a free third set slot to all users in the item/inventory manager. We decided to add this one more slot and we hope it will make your playing experience a bit easier. Thousand separator in player...
  9. Contest Discussion

    Announcement thread: https://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=2753
  10. Indian Quest Contest

    The West – Indian Quest Contest! Good day to all you players of The West! Today, we have a special opportunity for all those creative thinkers amongst you to exercise your talent in the form of a unique and exciting competition! It’s not often that these opportunities come around, so...
  11. Job Time Reduction Feedback Thread

    Announcement thread: http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=2741
  12. Changelog Version 2.25

    Item count We know that some achievements require items counted in thousands and because of long numbers there was a problem with displaying the count between 1k and 99k, now it will be presented in a nicer way. Rotating banner sale icon When you hover over the rotating banner sale icon it will...
  13. Changelog Version 2.24

    Today the public beta will be updated to Version 2.24! It will only be a small update; a changelog will be posted here soon.
  14. Collector's Sale

    Are you a collector? We have a special sale for you! Do you know that feeling when you see a beautiful, rare item and your heart melts like butter on toast? Prepare your eyes for a feast, since on 4 May at 10 o'clock you'll have the chance to buy six such new and amazing items created...
  15. Changelog Version 2.23

    Today we are updating the public beta to Version 2.23! A complete changelog will be posted soon.
  16. Changelog Version 2.22

    Today we updated the public beta to Version 2.22! Changelog Version 2.22 New Quest line: Unforgiven Big trouble in Big Bourbon. The owner of a hotel is being shot, his daughter badly injured by a group of bandits. Now she wants revenge and you are her hunter. But what started out as a...
  17. Pony Express' Anniversary

    On this day many years ago, the Pony Express was founded. Reckon you know exactly how many? Let us know on your local facebook page and you may win a prize! Furthermore, we have activated a 50% speed bonus until midday tomorrow. Remember you must have an animal equipped to benefit from it :)
  18. Venomous Snake

    Howdy! It has been decided that like other worlds, starting roughly tomorrow at 10:00 AM server time, we will offer beta testers a special deal on a very rare and unique item! Similar to the Declaration of Independence, the Venomous Snake will cost a total of 2000 nuggets. The item stats...
  19. Items that are but shouldn't be upgradable

    Please post them here.
  20. Items that aren't but should be upgradable

    Please post them here.