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  1. Resetting the Forts

    it sounds a bit like you partly blame players on beta. It is not just beta that has these issues Maybe there are lots of servers with lots of players that have plenty of fights with lots of players, and BB can do their testing there. Why have a test server then. BB made the game, and I as...
  2. Attack a fort and then leave town, and the town end up a ghost town.

    Attack a fort and then leave town, and the town end up a ghost town. Was surprised today on my national server to see that this was possible. I would think you would have to wait until after battle to leave town, if you attacked a fort. What if you win - who get the fort then?
  3. Changelog 2.4x Discussion Thread

    Thank you Innogreed (ups sorry Innogames ) you just saved me some money. If you had been able to use some flowers in this tombola, it looked as if that was the plan at some point, but option is gone after latest update. I would have used some nuggets also at least when it comes to normal worlds...

    same here ....http://prntscr.com/cq7wby
  5. New forum design

    I would find it great if Xshteff started to be a bit more professional, and keep his personal feelings about my person out of the discussion and the forum and stay on topic. By empty space I mean that most of what I see now on my screen is just shin coloured background. By My little Pony I...
  6. New forum design

    Absolutlely hate it. Too much emty space - too hard to read fast what is new. Too much "my little pony" and facebook. Why dont you just fix the game and make it into a game again instead of something you pay to win - dont fix what does not need fixing - that will not change anything. NB -...
  7. [Discussion] Changelog 2.36

    The adventure part of the game is a flop - the idea was maybe nice - but it does not work. Putting request in the quest to do adventures does not fix it- you will not get enough players who want to sit and wait for hours just by putting it in quest. I dont want to have duels imposed on...
  8. [Discussion] Changelog 2.36

    Now they must really be desperate for money :p You think you seen the worst of InnoGames greed but they never stop amazing us when it comes to that... Selling farm animals - the pride in the ones great game is long gone.... Now they have no shame - just greed :(
  9. Reskill Potions

    I never understood why duellists wants to duel players who dont want to duel. A duel with only one participant is not a duel - it is a simple mugging. It should be better to have players stay in town, than have them leave town and get bored and leave game after some time. This is off...
  10. Reskill Potions

    What is the point with suggestions if no one reads it. Agree that it is needed that might get the around 25% above level 150 who are out of town - and drifting longer and longer away from the game,- back in a town - and them maybe a little more back in the game. A new way to get duel...
  11. [Discussion] The West turns 8!

    So far I like the new quest. It brings on some very much needed activity on the servers. Quests like this as weekly or daily, - but with rewards that makes them worth doing = more than one bond would be great. It might bring about weekly ff with many more players even on small servers.
  12. [Discussion] The West turns 8!

    How do we get it if we accidentally clicked marked as read, when the advert poped up. It cant be found in the server info tabs
  13. [Discussion] InnoGames TV - May Episode

    Would think you should drop it entirely and use you time and effort on other more needed stuff - like informing us before a downtime. Informing us when stuff dont work - and decide what to do with the game instead of just milking the players. i f you dont want to rescue the pieces - then tell...
  14. Candle Quest

    Why dont you inform players when there is a bug like this ? Instead of letting us waste time and energy searching for stuff that cant be found ??
  15. Answered Easter Nugget Sale

    You got a reply :) - last 2- 3 questions I asked I never got a reply- so as for so many other things in this game - so why bother? And it is not obvious - I get a message on all worlds I play telling me I bought nuggets- so the nuggets are not just connected to one world. The prices are...
  16. [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    Yes you chose if you use nuggets or not. I dont mind using some money on a game. But InnoGames has turned this into not a game - but a pay to win circus. Not just on beta but on all servers- they are slowly - (some serves pretty fast) killing their own game. It can be tempting t cut cornerstones...
  17. [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    Hardly :p - trying to sell expensive nugget gear just a few days before a nugget event tells me that nothing has changed :(
  18. [Discussion] Changelog 2.35

    is this a bug or a feature ?? http://prntscr.com/agg161 I did this quest several years ago on DK where I have the set, but I have not seen it since- and maybe I am blind - but cant find it in the shop
  19. ingame Cloth Calc for version 1.34 (tw-db.info)

    This is what happen when I click on completed quest tab http://prntscr.com/affpx6 This is happen when I click the sundial tab. http://prntscr.com/affqod Been like this for month- and I know of others who have same problem, and that bug have been reported - also loooooong time ago.
  20. ingame Cloth Calc for version 1.34 (tw-db.info)

    I think it has to do with the bug we have had for a very long time. Some of us cant access the part of our quest book that tells us about what quests we have done. If it cant be accessed it cant be imported into tw-db. This is what we see http://prntscr.com/aeoicu So I think that it is...