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  1. Update 2.127 discussion

    The goal of previous changes has been to defuse a hp arms race and the ever larger tanks. This was successful, but somewhat too successful, allowing the attacking side to exploit their line of sight advantage using glass cannons in a way that is more powerful than we intended. Therefore we have...
  2. HTML5 battles discussion

    You should be able to use Safari and other iOS browsers when version 13 is released. Until then you can thank Apple for until now not implementing important Web APIs that pre-date IE11.
  3. [Discussion] Fort Battle formula changes

    Premium soldiers get a 50% bonus, not 100%. http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=maximum+of+y+%3D+(600-x)%5E0.6+%2B+(1.5x)%5E0.55+between+x%3D0+and+600
  4. Christmas sale feedback

    Noone received any advanced notice. Believe it or not there are numerous people who decided to save their bonds for a proper bond event (or some other purpose).
  5. Christmas sale feedback

    I wouldn't worry, he had nothing to do with it :P
  6. Christmas sale feedback

    If you think that I hold anyone responsible for the decisions of our bean counters other than themselves then let me say it again: you are mistaken. Go back and read between the lines, put 2 and 2 together and you might find my actual opinion far more reasonable. While I am doing the "hard...
  7. Duelling Changes

    Sounds like you were looking at your minimum protection, not your maximum protection.
  8. Christmas sale feedback

    Can you at least save this utter rubbish for the times we actually disagree? Tried, failed. I don't know about most; I know plenty of players who saved theirs for a rainy day. There's been a proper annual bond event (where you can use bonds for everything, not just a free spin) at least as...
  9. Christmas sale feedback

    Iceman, if you reread everything I wrote in this thread then I think you'll find we're actually in agreement, for the most part.
  10. Christmas sale feedback

    I would really like to promote literacy and reading comprehension, not equality.
  11. Christmas sale feedback

    Not because of one person individually but because for every one seen there are a hundred unseen. Clearly someone needs to spend nuggets and not buy their stuff with cash/bonds/off the market. Not sure how you got that from the two sentences I wrote.
  12. Duelling Changes

    I think you'll find you're mistaken.
  13. Christmas sale feedback

    If you didn't want cash to disappear as an option then you shouldn't have bragged to Joony that you have over 200 million dollars or however much it is now. You basically scared the bean counters into not doing it again singlehandedly.
  14. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    The 85%. As the test has obviously now concluded, the changes will be reverted with the next update. Thanks to the 15% who helped test.
  15. DotD 2015 sets and stats

    Because of the problems with the small flowerpot we are offering everyone a bonus 3250 cempacushils. To claim them just login using this link: https://beta.the-west.net/?mac=compensation_2015-11-16
  16. DotD 2015 sets and stats

    Until 10:30 AM tomorrow you will receive a special flowers box with most nugget purchases. Check the buy premium window for more details :)
  17. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    We know what we want, we're just not so arrogant as to think our plans to obtain it will be a success first time, every time. Before you ordered a dose of scientific rigour and in depth consideration of player feedback, now in the next breath you're complaining we don't have predetermined...
  18. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    Thanks, somehow it managed to get disabled on zz1 only (strange), I reenabled it. You don't need to know the mathematics behind it to see the results and offer feedback. In the end it needs to stand on its own two feet in the court of public opinion and not under scientific scrutiny. You...
  19. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    Not everyone in real servers have all the latest duelling sets and you wouldn't be the only one who respecced just recently.
  20. Duelling Changes Part II Feedback

    Shteff and Ahram are right. Noone is forced to test a particular build at any one time (can't cry poor at 20 bonds), so I strongly suggest you pick a duelling one because it'll stay that way until we decide on a formula to release ;) The current one is looking promising, though. Since the...