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  1. The Website TW-DB.info

    Can't login to update Cloth Calc http://prntscr.com/rofsg0 I get the same message from Cloth Calc on all 3 servers being, Alamo, Enewetak and AZ
  2. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    Just as I predicted
  3. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    You need to learn to shut your big mouth you rude ignorant troll
  4. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    They will put the set parts in the SHOP later, expecting players to spend Nuggets to complete the set, as it cant be completed by normal means The Devs must think we are stupid The West has now turned into back to back Events As soon as this one is over the Easter Event starts right after and...
  5. Update 2.117 discussion

    Congratulations to the Lead Community Manager for offering those 2 sets as the most expensive ever Anyone that pays that price needs to be psychoanalysed, as that is a total ripoff and you know it The price is horrendous in the Betas, but it's insane in the regular worlds Nice job running the...
  6. Update 2.117 discussion

    I wonder if those 2 sets will be available for bonds or ingame money, after the Lead Community Manager isn't going to get any more idiots to part with Nuggets for those 2 sets Lots of players hung on to their bonds and ingame cash in the hope they would be able to buy those 2 sets Only Premium...
  7. Winter event 2020 discussion

    How come you can't send a a message to all players on the betas saying that it is not fixed yet How come you never forget to send one regarding shop sales? I suspect that you leave it deliberately, so you can reap the benefits from players getting frustrated chasing the blankets on hundreds of...
  8. Update 2.117 discussion

    Easy way to fix the problem is to give a player cooldown duel protection, so they can only be dueled by other duelers once every 24 hours So once someone duels you, you can't be dueled by anyone else for a 24 hour period if you are not KO'd This is the result of a 4 hour period of dueling from...
  9. The Website TW-DB.info

    Hello All The Domain TW-DB.Info has expired, so no Cloth Calc Does anyone know how to get in touch with Petee to find out if it is going to be fixed
  10. Update 2.117 discussion

    Interesting choice of words: maybe or most likely maybe not perhaps or most likely perhaps not
  11. Update 2.117 discussion

    Don't be so bloody rude :oh: and learn to spell before you criticise me
  12. Update 2.117 discussion

    I just used one of those buffs assuming my Duel Level would drop by 10% It reduced my Duel exp by 10% not my duel level, so it went from 442 to 425 Based on those figures it will take over 4 months to get to Duel Level 200 Screw waiting for that, as I'm sick of support doing it their way...
  13. Update 2.117 discussion

    A one week cooldown is too long, as to get from Duel Level 443 to Duel Level 200 will take over 7 weeks The cooldown on all the buffs is way too long and now this How about 3 days cooldown on this new buff, which would be much preferred? I also think duels should take 5 mins instead of 10 mins...
  14. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    So I would like to know what exactly the Lead Community Manager accomplished by having the devs remove the DOTD Chests from the Christmas Event Besides pissing everyone off bigtime and causing a large amount of players to quit the West, I would say it was a reckless move that cost InnoGames mega...
  15. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    Leones, I'm willing to bet that this is your worst event ever, because of the Devs inability to back down and make the DOTD Sets available :p It's not too late :lol:
  16. Enewetak will not load

    Same for me also:oh:
  17. Enewetak will not load

    This site can’t be reached zz3.beta.the-west.net took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics
  18. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    Did anyone notice that we never got a Christmas Gift on the Beta Servers this year? I guess the devs must be pretty pissed with our legitimate complaints, so they have chosen to be meaner still to us after another year of our loyalty We have been punished for not spending our hard earned MONEY...
  19. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    What a spiteful and vindictive thing to do to the Community? What are we being so severely punished for? Maybe you can put the question above to the Lead Community Manager, please Leones? It's our money, so what exactly makes you think you have the right to tell us how to spend it I have never...
  20. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    InnoGames have no intention of coming to their senses Congrats on ruining the Communities Christmas You will have plenty of time to experience just how much damage you have done :annoyed: