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Recent content by Sorinel Desteptul

  1. St. Patrick's Day event feedback

    Who cares about this stupid event. This game is dead... Adventures won 0/1. Really ? You should have put adventures played 0/1. Not WIN. Fort battles is good. But joined only 1, the others not (no room left). "One-Hit" Duel victory 0/1 is crap. Should have been WIN 1 duel. Just doing some jobs...
  2. Update 2.116 discussion

    Nice. But where is achievements rank ? We got duel ranks, experience ranks, construction, crafting and others... Why no achievements rank ?
  3. Easter Event 2019 discussion

    True. I only upgrade items to +1. Since, with each new update, better items come...
  4. Seven Sisters discussion

    200,000$ for one Ice Card ? I think from all 70 snowballs I got 3 or 4 cards; and about 15 HP potions. Lame...
  5. Seven Sisters discussion

    Yesterday got 6 snowballs, all with HP potions. Really ?
  6. Overpowered Weapon

    Well, why did you started this topic ? Not because of jealousy ? And other people worked hard in real life (I bet some people got 3-4 jobs, not 1), to make real money, to buy this "Ovepowered Weapon". And what people are doing with there real money is not your business. Some of us are doing...
  7. Overpowered Weapon

    Try it and you will find out. Who said buy them from Market ? Use bonds and nuggets and you will get them from events. I see you got 4 event weapons level 3 in inventory. Those weapons are from 2016. I bet they will be available in Christmas bags. Work hard and you can get them to level 5...
  8. Overpowered Weapon

    Do you think before you write something ? With his money, he can upgrade an event weapon to level 5. People with less than 10.000.000$ can't. Where is the balance here ? "and lazy for not achieving it yourself" Thank you. Collecting that much money for what ? To keep it in the bank ? "he...
  9. Overpowered Weapon

    Said the man with: Amount deposited into the bank $ 1,937,910,937 Highest amount deposited into the bank $ 405,754,423
  10. Update 2.83 discussion

    Where is my achievement ? Just got 100 baskets, but not the 150 bonds rewards.
  11. Gold Rush discussion

    Not much achievements from them. You get more from duels, fort battles, adventures. I got 1250 achievements points with 151 completed quests. Rank 1 player has 2695 with 25 quests completed. I hope the next event will have rewards for player with most completed quests.
  12. Gold Rush discussion

    To bad we don't have rewards for completed quests... Rank 1 level 70 with 15 quests completed. And I almost level 30 with 127.
  13. Gold Rush discussion

    I can't register...
  14. New golden gun

    Maybe fight with the Golden Gun ? Since Waupee said: "Bring your current golden gun!".
  15. Changing character class

    Yes. At least change character class one time each year...