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Recent content by Snr Sarg

  1. Winter event 2020 discussion

    Thing is, the announcement just said the date it started, I started trying at 00:01, it would have been nice to be told the actual time in advance of the event. You know, like events that finish on a date are always at 23:59, would a start date, by logic, therefore not be at 00:00 or 00:01?
  2. Winter event 2020 discussion

  3. Enewetak will not load

    It seems it's only a matter of time before Enewetak falls over again, it's super slow to respond EDIT at 00:41: didn't expect it to happen that fast, it's just failed again :(
  4. Holiday Sale 2019 discussion

    Before y'all quit, could you gift me all your gear and cash please :D
  5. Enewetak will not load

    I wrote to support about it around 6pm server time today, still no reply
  6. Independence Day 2019 discussion

    it's also inconsistent with how Beta worlds have operated in the past, until very recently. Previously events on Beta started a week ahead, but finished at the same time as regular worlds, why change it? Aren't Beta worlds intended to help find defects before they go into the live code? How...
  7. Independence Day 2019 discussion

    Yup, I got caught out too, had loads of fireworks to use still, and then they rub salt in the wound offering free fireworks with nugget purchases Way to go InnoGames, screwed it up again
  8. Update 2.96 discussion

    just had to come to the forum to find out about the latest greatest bug, why the heck can't you put an announcement up, or add a subject to world chat???
  9. Update 2.96 discussion

    It's pretty clear that the dev team do not test their own work before releasing the code, does InnoGames have a test team?
  10. Update 2.96 discussion

    Well, the international version is bugged for the repeatable St Patrick quest too, so it doesn't really make any difference does it? InnoGames have a recent history of not fixing bugs before they go live in the regular worlds, I'd have thought you'd have known better than to make that comment all...
  11. Update 2.96 discussion

    You might consider it a minor bug, but when it affects a TIME SENSITIVE quest, 2 weeks is really not acceptable, especially when a couple of these fixes should not take even a rookie coder more than about 5 minutes to fix
  12. Update 2.96 discussion

    Monday??? Seriously, how long does it take to fix, next week is ridiculous, especially with timed quests
  13. Update 2.95 discussion

    Why have the reset potions lost their discount? Surely the whole point of Beta worlds is to allow players to be able to respec to try out different stuff. When was this announced even, or did InnoGames slip this in on the quiet?
  14. Update 2.94 discussion

    same problem here, as usual the quest seems to have had no QA process :njub:
  15. Fixed New Quest with golden sabre bugged?

    well, several worlds tried, nothing dropped on any of them outside of those hours, so I'd have to disagree And I know of others that struggled, then found it dropped during those hours