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Recent content by Pavel18345

  1. Update 2.119 discussion

  2. Update 2.107 discussion

  3. Independence Day 2019 discussion

    When will be Independence day on regular servers?
  4. Easter Event 2019 discussion

    Sets are not upgradeable? Great....
  5. Seven Sisters discussion

    And Winter Bauble is not upgredeable....
  6. Update 2.96 discussion

    Heisenzwerg is not available now after repaired bug with Hordeum Vulgare....
  7. Update 2.91 discussion

    Please remove adventures from the West. Thank you.
  8. Update 2.75 discussion

    Please, no adventures in quests.
  9. Update 2.75 discussion

    Where is this questline?
  10. Easter 2018 discussion

    I can not see my eggs.
  11. Update 2.71 & Valentine discussion

    From wheel of fortune you can get bonds.
  12. Update 2.70 discussion

    The Travelling fair would not be opened. This is your mistake.
  13. Update 2.70 discussion

    40 snowboals and 0 chests. Thanks InnoGames :D :D
  14. Fixed Reward of Magic World

    http://prntscr.com/hxffsv Why can i not completed this quest? This bug i have more than week....
  15. Update 2.69 & Christmas sale discussion

    These chests are now not in yellow column. Now they are in common column :)