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Recent content by OneTouch

  1. OneTouch

    Changelog 2.141 Discussion

    Also Santa's jacket is not auctionable.
  2. OneTouch

    Changelog 2.138 Discussion

    Its good to see old sets improved but collectors set looks useless. Perhaps you could make another collectors set since there are new collector achievements for 120-150 items. And maybe an update for Outlaw's and Cook's sets soon.... :rolleyes:
  3. OneTouch

    Traditional Pumpkin Hunt 2020 Discussion

    Lovely to see quest items on UPB shop, it makes things easier for people who plays on multiple worlds like me. Good work.
  4. OneTouch

    Traditional Pumpkin Hunt 2020 Discussion

    Terrible drop rate, didnt even try to collect all of them after finishing the quest. Totally waste of time.
  5. OneTouch

    Town Chat Topic Bug?

    It looks like a big issue, needs to be fixed asap.. lmao waste of time.
  6. OneTouch

    Harvest event feedback

    Dropping collectors cards from rye ears. Also i wasnt able to find any of quest items. Another problem is quest items are not auctionable as far as i see from item codes.. Nicely done.
  7. OneTouch

    Update 2.128 discussion

    So new formula supposed to reduce dueller damage... oh yeah thing called hp dueller exists.
  8. OneTouch

    Update 2.125 discussion

    Nice to see an update for the battles. and goodbye useless mojos.
  9. OneTouch

    Update 2.124 discussion

    "Soon the mini crafting event will start, where you and your friends will bake your own cake." Hmm, when this event will take place?
  10. OneTouch

    Update 2.124 discussion

    Its in the UPB shop already. ;)
  11. OneTouch

    Update 2.123 discussion

    And same question in everyones mind... Why there are no balance changes for easter sets?
  12. OneTouch

    Easter event 2020 discussion

    RIP Sheriff John Fitzburn 2008-2020
  13. OneTouch

    Easter event 2020 discussion

    At least you're getting belts all i get is trash Rare Easter Chest and junky old set pieces.
  14. OneTouch

    Easter event 2020 discussion

    After 2 weeks of testing still i cant see any improvement, there must be dozens of feedbacks already.
  15. OneTouch

    Easter event 2020 discussion

    Station manager's resistance is really low compared to zapata and livingston. Duelling set with a regen bonus, is this really useful? Nope, could be better. Also weapon damages are too low[even lower than mountain farmer(2018 set)] Free set? 11 pieces for +40% Product drop chance and +50%...