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Recent content by OneTouch

  1. OneTouch

    Independence Day Event 2021 Discussion

    This is beta server, just saying. You shouldnt ask for compensation after every bug..
  2. OneTouch

    Changelog 2.154 Discussion

    Why not? There are short number of players who played thousands of adventures to get Outlaw gears. There are some with ^3 Outlaw gears including weapons even. Which is not easy to achieve and they wont have any chance of using them.
  3. OneTouch

    Summer Sale 2021 Discussion

    Nice work there, Behan's horse set has double of eire/cowgirl horse sets. Which makes it best for both attack/defense? For a cheap price you can get best horse set for duelling... ;) Dont forget to make it upgradeable so duelling can become worse than ever. Hopefully we will get quests which...
  4. OneTouch

    Skill points

    Easy tasks to do: -be active for 10 years with same account -never miss a quest sounds easy? they deserve it for sure. ;)
  5. OneTouch

    Why are Crafting skill points are based on luck

    There shouldnt be a cooldown. https://forum.beta.the-west.net/index.php?threads/update-2-106.3445/ Almost two years since last recipes and still months away from reaching 850. This game and management.. No need to say more.
  6. OneTouch

    Easter Event 2021 Discussion

    Delusional people who cant see that how awful battles became... Still asks for more overpowered premium gears, lmao. Cant wait to see Union Officer v2 and Cortina v2, keep it up.
  7. OneTouch

    Easter Event 2021 Discussion

    Another overpowered defense duelling set like we needed more.
  8. OneTouch

    Easter Event 2021 Discussion

    Three events running in same time, can it be even worse than this? Making dozens of events in a year doesnt make you a successful game manager, just saying. And seeing new duel set every month doesnt make players happy, just another fact.. If i wont even use my new duel set for 2 months, why im...
  9. OneTouch

    St. Patrick 2021 Discussion

    After getting all 5 pieces of Éire set, all of clover quests disappeared from my quest book, I cant finish any of them.
  10. OneTouch

    St. Patrick 2021 Discussion

    Third duel set in 2 months, awesome. Can we get something new please, zZz... Boring.
  11. OneTouch

    Valentine's Day Event 2021 Discussion

    Valentines day wheel set(Josephine) is way better than my level 2 defense(Highlander/Bounty hunter set combination) gears. Also its not even upgraded yet, so another OP defense set has been made, awesome job.
  12. OneTouch

    Winter Event 2021 Discussion

    I bet upgrading Vaquero revolver to level 3 is easy as upgrading something which is only 10 bonds.
  13. OneTouch

    Winter Event 2021 Discussion

    There are many solutions to fix this quest and management chooses the one which will get abused most. You can change quest requirements, you can sell quest items via bonds... Oh no you have to make them auctionable so people can create dozens of multis and upgrade their gears to level 5...
  14. OneTouch

    Winter Event 2021 Discussion

    Four parts of the set which required for quest can be sold via bonds. As seen before people are no shy of creating dozens of multis for events.. Thats why quest items shouldnt be auctionable. I'm pretty sure none of us wants to see level 5 curling weapons around.