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Recent content by mastadont.

  1. Changelog 2.177 Discussion

    gentleman and dancer set is the same as the pilgrim set a male and female set, of which you only can get one yes its the horse in dancer/gentlemen set that is not available that horse is a choice inside the main story line
  2. Changelog 2.177 Discussion

    thats the biggest nonsense i've heard lately mods can put any item they want in your inventory, so stop giving such dumb answers how do you think speed events with different settings and so on works? the golden weapons achievement also falls if you already have the shiny ones. so it looks...
  3. Independence Event 2022 Set Feedback

    why not using the according names of the sets? alvord brooks bulls boswell and black legendary weaponset?
  4. Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    for the level cap? they probably will set it up for level 250 or so. according to my calculations? that will be 1.5 or 1.600.000.000 xp because its not easy to get that much xp they might set it higher then everybody thinks? even with building church you will get into trouble.... you probably...
  5. Name change

    yes it is you choose the name yourself, so it is your own fault. remove account and start over then
  6. Independence Event 2022?

    what's with the impatience every time??
  7. Name change

    name changes never should be available in any game only by starting over again it should be possible then players would think twice before choosing a stupid name
  8. Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    those are click events like lulu mentioned just pay attention
  9. Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    whats the next event then? independence day? or is something coming in between?
  10. Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    didn't say that only said it was lazy and crapping up the playing screen thats the other side of posting ideas, people commenting on them so don't get butthurt please
  11. Suggestions for improvement and various discussions

    just click on your avatar and it will show you your craft a silly extra button on the playing field, with no real use? unnecessary and for my opinion? very lazy
  12. Changelog 2.173 Discussion Thread

    @ baggy and everybody else InnoGames is inserting more events every time so if they don't have time to uphold the game itself? they themselves created the time problem. most problems have an easy fix to it. like sales? why don't InnoGames schedule a fixed sale or more sales every year containing all...
  13. Changelog 2.173 Discussion Thread

    so you want all idea's to be implemented? how crazy are you then? the best set they made voor eastern was tolbert...... as slightly better then cortez but not really much to get upset about. and for all those builders that only build church and are complaining? maybe try something different in...
  14. Changelog 2.173 Discussion Thread

    they know how to do it but it's never the first update after an event? go figure
  15. Easter Event Trivia Contest

    1 c 2 b 3 c 4 a 5 b 6 Big Fred, Van Cliff, Brinson, Westwood 7 a 8 a 9 b 10 a