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Recent content by iggyP

  1. Oktoberfest 2019 discussion

    Yes, we are waiting for ;)
  2. Carnival discussion

    Maya Roalstad Do you have more feathers? Perfect, then find the other items we need. For the pants we need the same things as for the shirt. That means you don't need the list, you already know. Ah, of course we need pants, linen pants. And this time bring something else, not a diamond. Hint...
  3. Carnival discussion

    Humm, how to find Grey feather headdress fot the crown ? i don't see any tricks in the text quest. :/ 300 feathers found ! :eek:
  4. We have a robber

    Turbo is a robber, he bought 10 chewing gums and charcoals with comments for me. I furnished all the stuff for crafting them, a lot of work ! PS : 60 whiskies, 60 hams, 40 steaks, 40 saltpepers, 10 chilis, 10 trouts, 10 spikes, stones and woods !!!!!