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Recent content by Hopeful

  1. Winter event 2020 discussion

    Leones writes t should work when the quest is available on live. Could you please clarify? I have one quest accepted and that is for blankets. What is the wrong quest that is being discussed?
  2. Update 2.107 discussion

    Is it possible to be provided a list of product needed for crafting new items and how to obtain new recipes? Thanks.
  3. Update 2.79 discussion

    How does the quest start? Thanks.
  4. Update 2.76 discussion

    This quest reminds me of the 'Ook' quest which was a joke. If I was not mistaken one of the requirements was show a specific item.
  5. Pumpkin hunt discussion

    I have been running jobs and I have not had any pumpkins drop.
  6. Ambush (A Strange Animal)

    Game version: __ Game world: __Enewetak Browser + version: __ Screen resolution: __ Account name: Hopeful__ Reproducibility: __5/5 = happens always) Quest title: Ambush (A Strange Animal) Current situation: __ Sheriff John Fitzburn We still haven't figured out what kind of creature I saw...
  7. 12 jugs of water

    Hello I play on Enewetak. Is it possible for someone to put up 12 jugs of water at reasonable price for sale? I can also supply the product for the jugs of water. Thanks
  8. The Colcord Story

    Hello I did the 4 hours for hunting buffalo and 4 hours breaking in horses. The problem is that I also completed Henry's quest in the saloon. Now, I cannot find the next quest giver to go to and there is no quest in the saloon. Where do I go from here? Thanks.
  9. The Colcord Story

    Barkeeper Henry Walker So, we have food, drinks and snacks. We need a flag garland for the window, lotus blossoms on the tables and some fancy jewelry for Mr. Colcord's ... » read more Requires: - Fancy jewelry 1/1 - Lotus blossom 5/5 - Flag garland 0/1 How so I find...
  10. Cracked Egg

    I have tried a hundred 15 second clearing the forest and nothing. I tried felling trees a few times. Did you equip any special items to find cracked egg? Hopeful
  11. Cracked Egg

    How do I find the cracked egg for the How Can You Tell Where the Easter Bunny has been quest? Thanks. Hopeful